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There are four of Them: three girls and one boy, little stair-steps all. There are two of Us: best friends, co-parents and truly in love. The Six of us have epic adventures full of laughter and love, occasionally containing tears, but always together.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Snuggles and Announcements

Today I came downstairs and headed to the living room to read to Isaac and Talia while Elie was at school. As I came down I was noticing that it was awfully quiet in the living room where I had last spied the double troubles playing. I rounded the corner and there was Isaac sitting with Talia in the chair and a half. She was sitting in his lap with her legs to one side and her head against his chest. He had his arms around her and she was holding on to him. It looked just like when Adam and I hold one of the kids. When he saw me he announced "we're snuggling." Talia turned around and told me "nugglin' " and then turned back to Isaac's arms. It was soooooo darn cute! They really get along so well and I LOVE how affectionate they can be with each other. Of course, that doesn't mean it is always sunshine and roses. Sometimes they are a little rougher with each other than I'd like, but it is hard to tell Isaac to stop wrestling with Talia when she is giggling and laughing at whatever he is doing to her!

Elie's teacher at school is very, well, conservative I guess would be the word. You'd think that working with five year olds would introduce you very quickly to all sorts of things and you'd stop being embarassed after a while. Well, apparently not. We haven't tried to tell Elie what sort of subjects are *appropriate* for public consumption and what are not and so she tends to announce all sorts of things to all sorts of people. We had jokingly referred to Adam's vasectomy as "being fixed" (you know, like animals are when you take them to the vet) and Elie really caught on to that. Yesterday she announced twice in class that the reason she was not in school on Tuesday was because "Daddy was being fixed so that we don't have any more new babies in our house." Her teacher was relatively mortified by this and when she told me the story she got rather red in the face. I was a little confused by her reaction because of all the ways she could have told what happend, what she said seems quite innocuous. Especially after we were looking at (and discussing) the pictures of men's anatomy that were around the waiting room in the urology clinic. Part of me rather likes shocking people though, there's so much that people are so ridiculously staid about, and so I'll be sort of looking forward to the report from the teacher after Elie tells how she saw her new baby being born!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hard Questions....

Today we took a pilgrimage to Walter Reed Army Hospital. There Adam had a *ahem* procedure done to help ensure that we will no longer have the ability to create more life. The kids and I hung out in the urology clinic waiting room, mostly discussing the pictures of men's anatomy on the wall (The Boy-child and PrincessE were very intrigued by the brochures about prostate problems because it had cut away drawings of what men's anatomy looks like on the inside) and other important topics like the football players, people on skis being drug around by horses, and various other news items on CNN. For those of you who don't know, Walter Reed is where pretty much all the soliders injured in Iraq and Afghanistan come to recieve medical treatment after they are stable enough to come from Germany and points abroad. I was a bit nervous about the large number of amputees and injured soldiers that we had the potential of seeing. Reason number one being that PrincessE and The Boy-child do not understand the idea of subtlety. They both will often point and loudly ask questions about whatever they see that is different from what they know. (I definitely want them to ask questions, but I'd rather they not point and yell about it.) Reason number two being that I knew the question of how the soldier became injured would come up. Now I know there are lots of terrible things in this world and I am not blind to those things. I know that my kids are going to learn about and be affected by everything that goes on around them, good and bad. But I just don't know how to explain that a soldier was in a far away land and some bad person decided it would be okay to blow up that soldier and that's why they are missing their leg/arm/hand etc. I just don't know how to do it.....

So I was hoping we'd be *safe* (because I am a chicken) in the urology clinic. But of course, when you loose your leg all the way to your hip, you are going to need to see a urologist to get checked out. So, while I was chatting with another woman in the waiting room a young soldier came in with a prosthetic leg, wearing shorts. And PrincessE points and yells "What is wrong with that.....". I manage to catch her and quiet her down and get her to ask her question in a quiet tone of voice without pointing. And I say that sometimes bad accidents happen and legs and arms can be crushed and hurt so badly that they don't work any more. So the doctors have to cut them off. Then the person can get an arm or leg to help them walk/get around, but it is made of metal and plastic. She promptly asked "What kind of accident?" And I lamely answered "A car accident or a construction accident." She seemed to accept that information, but didn't really understand. But I have to say, I don't really understand either, so I'm not sure how much more helpful I can be.....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthdays and sledding and bellies, oh my!

Today we wrapped up a week long off-and-on celebration of PrincessE's birthday, by celebrating on her actual birthday date. We started the celebration last Monday when the whole family was able to go join PrincessE at preschool, have lunch with her, read some books to her class and have a special birthday treat (doughnut holes!). We had such a nice time. Yesterday we went to Baltimore to the children's museum and then out to dinner with the kids' Meme. While we were out to dinner, Daddy told the waiter that it was PrincessE's birthday and the waiter said he would bring out a special treat for dessert. she was thrilled to see a giant piece of chocolate cake with a candle appear after dinner. Today during the day she kept marveling at how it was "so amazing that some grownups just seemed to know that it was some children's birthdays." At first I didn't understand what she was saying, but then it dawned on me that she thought the waiter had just *known* it was her birthday and brought out a special treat! I asked PrincessE if she thought that maybe someone had told the waiter it was her birthday and she said she didn't think anyone had said anything to him, she was sure he had just known. When Daddy told her that he had told the waiter it was her birthday, she looked at him with a "does not compute" look on her face. It was priceless! Today was mostly a quiet day, with the bonus of opening birthday presents and getting to eat a Care Bear cake that PrincessE picked from Wegman's. (This evening at dinner PrincessE announced that the reason she had picked a cake from Wegman's is because "it tastes better than the cakes you make, Mommy". There's nothing like a little preschool honesty to put you in your place.) LuLu and The Boy-child spent most of the day discussing how excited they were about the cake and singing bits and pieces of "Happy Birthday." LuLu doesn't say happy birthday though, she just says "Happy PrincessE" and then moves on to wishing the rest of the family "Happy" also! LuLu does already understand that the speical treat you get on your birthday is "take!" (cake). The Boy-child is already discussing what kind of cake he wants to have at his next birthday and was truly impressed with the taste of the cake PrincessE picked. In fact, he ate all of his cake and then promptly asked for another piece. He was genuinely indignant that we would only let him have one piece tonight. What a kick!

The "huge bump" that Mommy is growing on her belly has become a favorite topic of discussion around here. Yesterday The Boy-child was sitting next to me and he reached over and began rubbing my belly with his open hand. This is the conversation we had:
Me: "Are you feeling the baby?"
The Boy-child: "Yes. Your tummy is getting HUUUGE."
Me: "Are you excited for the baby to come out? After it does my belly won't be big anymore."
The Boy-child: "You mean that your tummy will be sucked back into your body?"
Me: "Yes. And you can sit in my whole lap again." (The younger two are most bothered by my belly when they attempt to sit in my lap, try and scoot back and discover that they are back as far as they are going to get!)
The Boy-child: "I will be able to scoot all the way back?"
Me: "Yep."
The Boy-child: "When I get big I will NOT grow a huge belly."
Me: "Why?"
The Boy-child: "Because I can't grow a baby in my belly."
Me: "Oh. Why is that?"
The Boy-child: "Because I am a boy and only girls can grow babies in their bellies."
Me: "Ahh, okay."
The Boy-child: "But PrincessE is a girl and she can grow a baby in her belly when she gets to be a mommy!"

Yesterday we had another fun conversation with PrincessE in the car, during which I told her that I was going to steal some of her clothes because they were so fun. She said "Mommy, I bet you one hundred and five zillion dollars that you can not fit in any of my clothes." It was quite funny to hear her use such exaggeration for emphasis.

LuLu is motoring along with the potty learning and is doing great. I absolutely can't believe what an easy transition it has been for her. We do visit the "wesswoom" quite a bit when we are out with her, but she has not been having any accidents, so we'll take her as much as she wants! It is nicer with Daddy home because I don't have to shuffle all three kids off to the bathroom everytime; I have Daddy to take LuLu to the potty!

On Friday, Daddy took the kids outside to sled and play on the ice. They discovered that they didn't even *need* the sleds. The ice is so slippery and thick, they just sat down on their snowpants and slid down the hill. Of course, the sleds went faster and so that was more fun. Daddy just sqatted down in his hiking boots and slid down a couple times. I don't know who was having more fun! LuLu got tired of the cold first and came inside after falling down. Daddy handed her to me and she said "hot tocoa?" I told her I didn't have any hot cocoa and she said "Daddy?" I told her Daddy didn't have any either. She wasn't too upset, but it was interesting to see that she has decided that hot cocoa goes with playing outside in the snow!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Five going on......16!

Recently PrincessE has started to challenge us when we ask her to help around the house. It isn't everytime, or even everyday, but when she does it, it is ALWAYS aggravating. Tonight I was doing the dishes and asked her to get the Nalgene bottle that was in her backpack out, so I could wash it. As she was going to get it she said "Why can't you go get it?" (In her snotty, I'm too busy for this, tone of voice.) After that we had a little discussion about how much I do for her around the house and how she lives in our house and avails herself of my domestic services. It just amazes me that it is starting to occur to her ALREADY. I know we're not even to the tip of the iceburg yet, but oh my goodness.......

We're also in the throws of being "2" with Lu Lu. She has recently decided that throwing temper tantrums is THE WAY to getting what she wants. They mostly center around her having to walk because she is just too darn heavy for this pregnant mommy to carry around. I'd put her in the wrap, but then she'd scream at me because she couldn't get down. Ah two, what a wonderful age.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. At least it will be a different day. It's not that today was terrible, but I get such awful sleep when Dadam is gone. I think I went in to check on the kids at least four times in the night. Once, LuLu was completely out of her bed and sleeping on the floor. When I put her back in bed she said "pat me, mommy" and there I was stuck laying on the floor and patting her. It didn't take long for her to go to sleep, but unfortunately I fell asleep too and awoke, aching, two hours later. It amazes me how much more secure I feel knowing that Dadam is in bed with me and will be there to take care of munchkin needs. So, I guess the moral of the story is: I need to go to bed because I get to get up and be the mommy in the morning. Sledding was promised, so I ought to be well rested for that adventure!

Monday, February 12, 2007

What a difference warm water makes!

At the beginning of January PrincessE started swim lessons at a local rec center. We figured it was time to give her some experience in the water, mostly for safety's sake. She took to it like, well, like a fish to water. She is the oldest in her class and she loooooves to swim. She also happens to be the most adventurous and has already been putting her whole head underwater for several weeks now. While PrincessE is in the pool, Lu-lu, The Boy-child and I have also been swimming. I figured this was a prime time to get The Boy-child, who is still a bit uneasy in the water, a bit more comfortable. In the beginning he protested mightly that he was ready for lessons, but the first day we went in, it was very clear that he was NOT comfortable. We've been going for four weeks now and they are definitely more comfortable and it has been great to play with them in the water. However, the water in the pool is COLD. It is meant for people who are actually excercising in the water to be comfortable, but my children have zero body fat on them.  Lu-lu has a bit, but PrincessE and The Boy-child have none. So we've not been staying in the pool too terribly long because they were so uncomfortable from being so cold. But last week we went exploring and discovered that the auxiliary pool is a good ten degrees warmer. It's used as a theraputic pool, but when it isn't reserved then the public can go in. Yippeee! We planned to try it out today.

Well, today we had a special treat and Daddy was able to come with us to the pool. (He's been out of town and was leaving again today, but had a chance to come with us before we took him to the airport.) We played in the cold pool while PrincessE was having lessons, but as soon as she was done we hightailed it over to the warm pool. Lemme tell ya what!  Lu-lu was "done water" in the cold pool, but as soon as she was immersed in the warm pool she was happy and content as a little clam. It was amazing! I have a feeling that we'll be spending much longer afternoons there now that we've discovered the "warm pool" and all its glory!

In other bits and pieces of news, Lu-lu is potty learning! I say, Yipppeee and Yippeee again! She is doing really well and lets us know that she want to go potty in single potty, in every single place we step foot in. (She is especially keen on "yittle potties" or little potties, like they have at the kids' preschool.) It does make for longer errand running times, but I'll take that in exchange for changing diapers ANYDAY! I am especially looking forward to only having one in diapers when Baby Buddha Belly makes his/her appearance for the first time with a new baby. Every other time a new one has come, the prior one was not yet working on potty learning.

Baby Buddha Belly is growing and growing well. I'm feeling alright, though very pregnant and when the time comes, I'll be alright to not be pregnant anymore. Unfortunately, we all got very sick a few weeks ago and I managed to get a sinus infection from it all. Daddy was out of town, of course, and the kids and I all had terrible coughs, fevers and runny noses. It was lovely....NOT. I'm on antibiotics now, but they make me feel excesively pukey. Okay, enough complaining about me......I'm fine, really!

Alright, it is off to bed for me. We're having some inclement weather here, so school is doubtful for the next couple of days, plus single parenting really wears a pregnant lady out. I can't wait for the break in traveling that will happen in the middle of March through beginning of June. Of course, there will be a new arrival during that time, but at least I won't be alone........

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Okay, so my dear friend Ms. Joy has an uber-cool blog detailing her life as a domestic goddess and mommy to her son, little G-man. And I loooove reading it. It is so fun to read about her everyday life and goings on up there in the north. So, I've been tossing around the idea of starting a blog myself. I'm not sure that there are so many family and friends who are interested in the random goings on of my head, but I am sure that the aforementioned family and friends ARE interested in the wacky and wild happenings of my offspring (of which there are many....wait, is that offspring or happenings?). Anyhooo, here's my blog. I'm going to try and write every couple of days and tell stories of our crazy home and adventures; this having two objectives: 1) to entertain the masses and 2) to keep a journal of sorts about the kids and their growing up. Welcome to my world......bwahahahahahah.