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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Five going on......16!

Recently PrincessE has started to challenge us when we ask her to help around the house. It isn't everytime, or even everyday, but when she does it, it is ALWAYS aggravating. Tonight I was doing the dishes and asked her to get the Nalgene bottle that was in her backpack out, so I could wash it. As she was going to get it she said "Why can't you go get it?" (In her snotty, I'm too busy for this, tone of voice.) After that we had a little discussion about how much I do for her around the house and how she lives in our house and avails herself of my domestic services. It just amazes me that it is starting to occur to her ALREADY. I know we're not even to the tip of the iceburg yet, but oh my goodness.......

We're also in the throws of being "2" with Lu Lu. She has recently decided that throwing temper tantrums is THE WAY to getting what she wants. They mostly center around her having to walk because she is just too darn heavy for this pregnant mommy to carry around. I'd put her in the wrap, but then she'd scream at me because she couldn't get down. Ah two, what a wonderful age.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. At least it will be a different day. It's not that today was terrible, but I get such awful sleep when Dadam is gone. I think I went in to check on the kids at least four times in the night. Once, LuLu was completely out of her bed and sleeping on the floor. When I put her back in bed she said "pat me, mommy" and there I was stuck laying on the floor and patting her. It didn't take long for her to go to sleep, but unfortunately I fell asleep too and awoke, aching, two hours later. It amazes me how much more secure I feel knowing that Dadam is in bed with me and will be there to take care of munchkin needs. So, I guess the moral of the story is: I need to go to bed because I get to get up and be the mommy in the morning. Sledding was promised, so I ought to be well rested for that adventure!

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