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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Snuggles and Announcements

Today I came downstairs and headed to the living room to read to Isaac and Talia while Elie was at school. As I came down I was noticing that it was awfully quiet in the living room where I had last spied the double troubles playing. I rounded the corner and there was Isaac sitting with Talia in the chair and a half. She was sitting in his lap with her legs to one side and her head against his chest. He had his arms around her and she was holding on to him. It looked just like when Adam and I hold one of the kids. When he saw me he announced "we're snuggling." Talia turned around and told me "nugglin' " and then turned back to Isaac's arms. It was soooooo darn cute! They really get along so well and I LOVE how affectionate they can be with each other. Of course, that doesn't mean it is always sunshine and roses. Sometimes they are a little rougher with each other than I'd like, but it is hard to tell Isaac to stop wrestling with Talia when she is giggling and laughing at whatever he is doing to her!

Elie's teacher at school is very, well, conservative I guess would be the word. You'd think that working with five year olds would introduce you very quickly to all sorts of things and you'd stop being embarassed after a while. Well, apparently not. We haven't tried to tell Elie what sort of subjects are *appropriate* for public consumption and what are not and so she tends to announce all sorts of things to all sorts of people. We had jokingly referred to Adam's vasectomy as "being fixed" (you know, like animals are when you take them to the vet) and Elie really caught on to that. Yesterday she announced twice in class that the reason she was not in school on Tuesday was because "Daddy was being fixed so that we don't have any more new babies in our house." Her teacher was relatively mortified by this and when she told me the story she got rather red in the face. I was a little confused by her reaction because of all the ways she could have told what happend, what she said seems quite innocuous. Especially after we were looking at (and discussing) the pictures of men's anatomy that were around the waiting room in the urology clinic. Part of me rather likes shocking people though, there's so much that people are so ridiculously staid about, and so I'll be sort of looking forward to the report from the teacher after Elie tells how she saw her new baby being born!

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  1. Yea! OJ. It is great to hear about the daily things going on. I am also a great fan of shaking things up. Wonder where you got that trait;)