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Monday, February 12, 2007

What a difference warm water makes!

At the beginning of January PrincessE started swim lessons at a local rec center. We figured it was time to give her some experience in the water, mostly for safety's sake. She took to it like, well, like a fish to water. She is the oldest in her class and she loooooves to swim. She also happens to be the most adventurous and has already been putting her whole head underwater for several weeks now. While PrincessE is in the pool, Lu-lu, The Boy-child and I have also been swimming. I figured this was a prime time to get The Boy-child, who is still a bit uneasy in the water, a bit more comfortable. In the beginning he protested mightly that he was ready for lessons, but the first day we went in, it was very clear that he was NOT comfortable. We've been going for four weeks now and they are definitely more comfortable and it has been great to play with them in the water. However, the water in the pool is COLD. It is meant for people who are actually excercising in the water to be comfortable, but my children have zero body fat on them.  Lu-lu has a bit, but PrincessE and The Boy-child have none. So we've not been staying in the pool too terribly long because they were so uncomfortable from being so cold. But last week we went exploring and discovered that the auxiliary pool is a good ten degrees warmer. It's used as a theraputic pool, but when it isn't reserved then the public can go in. Yippeee! We planned to try it out today.

Well, today we had a special treat and Daddy was able to come with us to the pool. (He's been out of town and was leaving again today, but had a chance to come with us before we took him to the airport.) We played in the cold pool while PrincessE was having lessons, but as soon as she was done we hightailed it over to the warm pool. Lemme tell ya what!  Lu-lu was "done water" in the cold pool, but as soon as she was immersed in the warm pool she was happy and content as a little clam. It was amazing! I have a feeling that we'll be spending much longer afternoons there now that we've discovered the "warm pool" and all its glory!

In other bits and pieces of news, Lu-lu is potty learning! I say, Yipppeee and Yippeee again! She is doing really well and lets us know that she want to go potty in single potty, in every single place we step foot in. (She is especially keen on "yittle potties" or little potties, like they have at the kids' preschool.) It does make for longer errand running times, but I'll take that in exchange for changing diapers ANYDAY! I am especially looking forward to only having one in diapers when Baby Buddha Belly makes his/her appearance for the first time with a new baby. Every other time a new one has come, the prior one was not yet working on potty learning.

Baby Buddha Belly is growing and growing well. I'm feeling alright, though very pregnant and when the time comes, I'll be alright to not be pregnant anymore. Unfortunately, we all got very sick a few weeks ago and I managed to get a sinus infection from it all. Daddy was out of town, of course, and the kids and I all had terrible coughs, fevers and runny noses. It was lovely....NOT. I'm on antibiotics now, but they make me feel excesively pukey. Okay, enough complaining about me......I'm fine, really!

Alright, it is off to bed for me. We're having some inclement weather here, so school is doubtful for the next couple of days, plus single parenting really wears a pregnant lady out. I can't wait for the break in traveling that will happen in the middle of March through beginning of June. Of course, there will be a new arrival during that time, but at least I won't be alone........


  1. Just wanted to put my two cents in as the aforementioned "Daddy". The pool was great! I'm really glad the timing worked out that I could join the rest of the gang at the pool. I had a great time playing catch with Isaac - he's got quite the arm! I have to say that the warmer pool was definitely the way to go. Talia, who was suddenly in much better spirits, sat on my stomach as Isaac and I cruised the edge as the pool got deeper, and Elie did a great job with Mommy working on floating on her back and kicking her feet. We had a blast!

    Blogging is great while I travel what with the time difference and all. GO OJ!

  2. I don't know how you young people do it all and keep a blog too. My mind is reeling. I really admire you. I am so glad the computer wasn't invented when my kids were young.