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Monday, March 26, 2007

Guess the baby!

Okay, okay here I am and another week has gone by and I'm finally updating the blog. I know that if I don't get more regular about updating that there is going to be some sort of riot from my regular readers. I'm just having such a hard time taking care of things after the kids go to sleep these days. Being round is really wearing me out! Speaking of which, I am still measuring a week ahead of my dates AND the baby is still growing AND last week the midwife guessed that I could possibly have an over 9 lbs kiddo this time. I must say that feels like a very distinct possibility to me, as I am bigger than I've ever been and feeling like it. My stomach is so round and tight and I seriously cannot bend over AT ALL. (Adam says that if I had complained this much with any of the other beebees, that one would have been the last. I think we're both really glad we're done with the growing babies portion of our lives!) So I'm going to guess this baby is a boy and it will be 9 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long. I'm thinkin' he'll come on the 5th of April. (Acutally, the baby can come anytime after the afternoon of the 30th. I just want my parents to be here and after that, I'm TOTALLY game for this to be OVER!!!!!) So now's your chance - make a guess in the comments section, just for fun!!!

The kids are doing just great. Talia has had a recent growth spurt (she was soooo clumsy for three or four days there) and she's also recently had a language explosion. She talks really well for a 22 mnth old and all of a sudden she's putting together five and six word sentences, plus her words have become much, much clearer. She's really hilarious when she pretends that she's on the phone. She also does a very funny thing when she is trying to form her words and she starts to think about them and waves her hands palms up, smacks her lips and rolls her eyes while she's trying to get the old brain to spit out the words she needs to communicate! She loves to sing and is constantly singing bits of songs. Some of her favorites are happy birthday (in english and hebrew), the itsy bitsy spider, and ring around the rosey. She often gets stuck on one line and also sings on the inhale, which is particularly amusing.

In the car I've moved all three kids to the back seat. This will make it really easy when my parents come on Friday! Plus it will help when The New Baby arrives, I'll be able to put the car seat in the middle seats, where I'll have an empty seat to sit next to so I can nurse when Adam is driving. Having all the kids together is certainly nice, it cuts down on the backseat driving that Elie does because she can't see what is going on in the driver's area, and the kids can interact and play together, but it also makes life a bit more challenging. There are the constant complaints of encroachment and the encroachment itself (Elie REALLY likes to lean over and put her arm around Talia which isn't safe). There's also various fights about who is singing what and saying what and on and on and on!!!!! ARGHGHHGHHGH. For some reason the car really seems to exaggerate the issues. But then they do adorable stuff like sing songs together, or quiz one another (Elie says to Isaac "Are you ready for your quiz? What flies around and pollinates things?" Isaac yells "A BEE!"), or everyone puts on their play sunglasses at the same time, and they are just so darn cute. I probably think to myself once each car trip how much I want to seperate them and then I think of how lonely the odd man out is and how much nicer it is when they can play together.

We had some friends of ours over the other day. They are another couple our age, who we really seem to click with. BUT (there's always a but) their little boy is a bit, well, wild. They aren't very consistent with him and he tends to be a little bit of a bully. I'm really mixed about what to do. We enjoy spending time with them and they ROCK for adult conversation. They don't suffer from "affluenza" like lots of the other parents around here and they are really down to earth. The parenting thing just really, really gets me. Their boy won't sit through dinner, he won't eat, he doesn't really listen. I'm finding it easier to ignore him, but I know that Adam gets really tense and has a much harder time just letting it go. It's such a mixed bag. On the flip side we have some other friends who we also really click with and their kids are SUPER well behaved, but they do some stuff that I'm really against. Like they have their baby on a breastfeeding schedule, they practice cry it out, they have a gate to keep their three year old twins in their own room at night; all things that I really find yucky. Adam says I shouldn't be so picky, but I have a really hard time understanding (and hearing about) why you'd let your ten month old cry for two 40 minute sessions in one night, just so he could learn to "self soothe." Having friends is so much more complicated when there is parenting involved because it is such a personal choice and private issue. All our friends just think we're hippies (and yes, I did get called that the other day) and, well, I guess I'm okay with that.


  1. OK, I guess 10 pounds on April 7, and girl. So what do I get if I'm right? This guess really doesn't count as I haven't laid hands on you yet, so I can not apply professional judgement.

  2. It is only a guess. . . .just a guess. It really means nothing.

  3. I think it will be a small alien about the size of a pumpkin. It will have 3 eyes and 3 arms and will bear a tag that says "Auntie Ping needs to stop watching the x-files".

    Haha, jk. Okay, I guess 9 lbs 6 oz and 22 inches. I think it's a.................... boy. But that's just cause if I say a girl Isaac may never speak to me again. haha