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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just a bit of life's adventures....

(This story was requested by midlife midwife in the comments section.....I was trying to forget the whole incident!)

On Tuesday morning we were running a little behind. Not much, but enough that I was in a hurry to get out the door. I walked out the front door and tried to unlock the van. No dice. I tried again. Once again, no luck. I got to the van and tried to unlock it by putting my key in the door. It would unlock the front door only, none of the other doors. I realized right away that the battery was dead. I got the side door unlocked manually and got the kids all buckled into their seats. Then I got in to the driver seat and attempted to start the car, just for kicks. Nothing. So I decided that I would put the car in neutral and let it roll down the driveway, where I could pull Adam's car near and jump start the van. I put in the break and attempt to put it in neutral. And I try and try and try. And it won't go. I decide that I will call my father, in Oregon, and awaken him to ask him what I should do. Well, it was 8:45 East Coast time so that made it.....5:45 in Oregon. For those of you who don't know my father, he is NOT a morning person, though he loves his oldest daughter enough that he was not in the slightest bit grouchy. He suggested that maybe I just wasn't going to be taking the kids to school. But this particular day happened to be the day that Elie's class was doing their Purim show and of all the days of the school year, we NEEDED to go on Tuesday. So I explained to Dad that I somehow missed the day when we talked about jump starting cars and so I was going to need him to talk me through doing that, if I could get Adam's car next to mine in the driveway. Well, our driveway is a once car driveway, leading to a one car garage. And due to the ice and snow on the ground, I was parked pretty much in the middle of it. Adam's car isn't huge and so I decide that I can sqeeze in between the lamp in the front yard and my car parked in the driveway. I try a couple times and finally get it close enough. (In the process I did manage to *rub* my car with his side mirror and chew up some of the yard by spinning the tires, but I got the car up there...) So I call my Dad again to have him walk me through jumping the car. He tells me what to do, I attach the cables to my car, start Adam's car and then get ready to attach the cables to Adam's car. I am really, really, really nervous about doing this. All I can imagine is that I am going to be electrocuted while my children watch from the van. I am still talking with my Dad and I need two hands to do the clamping, so I put the phone down on the bottom of the windshield and start to attach the cables. In my nervousness, I stand there for what feels like an eternity and hands shaking, I finally gather enough nerve to clamp on the cables. When they are finally attached, the alarm in my car starts to go off. I am so amped up from gathering the nerve to do the clamps that I kind of freak out. I attempt to pick up the phone from where the car alarm is blaring in it and manage to drop in on the ground. I realize that the keys I need to turn off the alarm are in Adam's car, so I run around it, fall down in the snow, struggle back up and finally make it to the car where I can turn off the alarm. Meanwhile, the kids are all sitting in my car and I can only imagine that they are freaking out because of the alarm. But at this point I am totally overwhelmed and I begin to sob in the phone. Thank goodness for my Dad, he is completely calm and gets me calmed down. I get my car keys and go around and start my car. The kids were totally fine and were REALLY excited when the car started up. I got the cars disconnected, moved Adam's car, and we were finally on our way. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for my exceptionally patient and calm father AND for my kids who just sat quietly and watched Mom try to take care of things so we could go. They were totally nonplussed by the whole situation, though Elie did admit that she "covered her ears" until the alarm got quiet.

(Whew...I'm worn out just recounting that ridiculous saga.)

Talia can't say her c's very well. She often uses a "t" sound as replacement. As a result she calls her coat, her "toke". This is pretty funny in and of itself, but it is even funnier when she says "toke on, get toke on."

Last night at Shabbat dinner, Elie randomly said that she was going to marry Isaac. Isaac countered that he was going to marry Owen, a little boy in his class. Elie pointed out to him that boys cannot grow babies. She then suggested that maybe it would be better if he married Sophie, a little girl in his class, or Talia or herself, so that he could have babies. He was steadfast in his desire to marry Owen. I did point out that there are other possibilities for getting a baby. So we had a brief discussion about adoption. And Isaac is still planning on marrying Owen....

Today we stopped by Wegman's on our way home from picking up Adam from the airport. It happens to be their three year anniversary and they were giving away cake in honor of it. (Wegman's cake is DELICIOUS and so we, of course, stopped to eat some.) The lady serving the cake was wearing a type of shoe called "crocs". They are a rubbery shoe that are very comfortable. I also own a pair that I wear to help my feet and knees not hurt so much. We got out of the way to eat our cake and Elie says "Mommy, the lady that is serving cake has crotches just like you." Adam and I were extremely confused and after a couple seconds of stunned silence, we realized that Elie was talking about the CROCS the serving lady was wearing. We quickly told Elie that the shoes are called crocs and had a good laugh.

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  1. omg! Mike and I were in tears from laughing so hard while we were reading the marriage paragraph and the crocs paragraph! From the mouth of babes...