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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Super Cranky Mom

Well, I've been avoiding writing for a while because last week seemed to be one long cranky, irritable situation. Elie has been making me CRAZY with her constant bossiness and contradictions. Just about everytime we correct Elie or ask her to change some behavior she either denies she was doing said behavior or she argues with us. Isaac hasn't been listening at all, I feel like I have to repeat myself TEN HUNDRED TIMES. And Talia was having a rough time remembering to go to the potty when she needed to pee. She's had no accidents for weeks and then last week she peed all over her doll baby (just stood there and watched it spray all over the poor baby's face) and then all over some dress-up clothes. I just didn't want to write a big ol' blog about how irritated I am with my children. I think my current state of roundness might also be contributing to my overall lack of patience and general irritability. Poor Adam has even been the victim. But I suppose that even when I'm not pregnant I'll have times where the children are challenging and, gasp, even irritating and that it wouldn't really be a blog about our life if I didn't include that.

The weather here has been absolutely wacky. Last Wednesday it was 80 degrees here. Oh it was LOVELY! The kids played in the backyard for the entire afternoon and we ate dinner on the porch. I love having the fenced backyard. The kids feel free to roam and explore, but I know they aren't going to go to far. Plus I can keep an eye on them from the kitchen! It is really nice that they play so well together, then I can have some quiet mommy time (like reading or doing sudoku) on the porch. Unfortunately on Friday it snowed! It was wet and yucky and we had freezing rain before the snow came down, so it was really unpleasant. I'm ready for spring in all sorts of ways.

On Sunday the preschool sponsored a family dance. We didn't go last year and we heard it was lots of fun, so we decided to check it out this year. We figured that at 20 bucks for the family we couldn't go wrong, since dinner was included. It was, well, interesting. Elie immediately started dancing and playing with her friends when we got there. Isaac and Talia were much less impressed, even though we were at the synagogue where they attend school and spend lots of time. Talia eventually warmed up, but Isaac never really did. He was very overwhelmed, I think, by the noise and the people. It is interesting how different his personality is in group situations as opposed to one on one. He can be so talkative and outgoing once he feels comfortable with someone, but put him with strangers or loud groups and he completely clams up.

Now I'm being paged...It's time for lunch and the natives are restless. On to another day at the zoo!

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