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There are four of Them: three girls and one boy, little stair-steps all. There are two of Us: best friends, co-parents and truly in love. The Six of us have epic adventures full of laughter and love, occasionally containing tears, but always together.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thou shall not covet!

Pingy and her faboo little one, G-man, are here visiting from New York this week. It is so nice to have them here when Daddy is gone. I don't feel so completely insane, it is fun to hang out with my friend, and the kids have a (generally) good time playing with, and around, each other. It is really interesting to watch the dynamics between the kids though. G-man is an only child (at 16 months, this is an okay thing!) and so he's not really used to sharing toys with other kiddos. As the baby, Talia is really used to Elie and Isaac leaving her to her own devices. They do sometimes include her in their pretend play, but for the most part, she plays independently of them and doesn't really share either. Well, Talia and G-man have both been attracted to EXACTLY the same toy, at the same time! And since neither one is particularly good at sharing, there has been some mutual - well - grabbing, shoving, and physical interaction. Ping and I have been on top of it and the perpetrator is spoken to and offered another toy. Unfortunately, even when G-man is playing with something that Talia isn't remotely interested in, Talia will often yell out in her little voice "No Grahmmy! No!" Poor G-man is being henpecked already!

This week the kids were each in a little show at school. This weekend is Purim, during which we dress up and act silly. It is lots of fun. So for the shows the kids got to dress up and then they sang songs for the parents. Elie was actually into performing a little bit, which is a change from years past. She was mostly interested in making sure that anyone who needed help getting dressed in their costume got her assistance and that the little boy who was standing next to her was in the right place. She did sing, which was nice, but she also kept signaling me to continue to video tape her when I had to put the camera down to attend to Talia who had fallen on the floor. Isaac was another story. He talked about the Purim show, but kept telling me he "was not going to sing because he didn't know the words." I knew he knew the words though because he's been singing the Purim songs for weeks now, but I just said "okay" in response to his statements. When we got to the show on Wednesday, he did grimace/smile at me and wave. But then he wouldn't sing for the rest of the show. A couple times he forgot that we were all there watching and started to sing along, but when he registered the audience again, he quit. Maybe next year he'll sing! Tomorrow night he is going to perform at the family shabbat service and so I'm curious to see how he is. I'm guessing he won't sing, but hopefully he'll surprise me.


  1. Kids will be kids and you have a wonderful bunch. I look forward to seeing the video tape. You left out the battery part. That would be a good read too.

  2. For the record, G is totally bored now that we are home again. Apparently fighting with Talia is still better than boring mommy! Thanks for having us, we had a fabu time!