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Monday, April 30, 2007

Keep on talkin' the talk

The synagogue we go to has a monthly kids service. It is led by a woman, Robin, who is really good with the kids and who Elie and, especially, Isaac both love. She has great songs and is really engaging. We happen to like her too. However, Elie and Isaac have a way of believing that even in a large group of kids, they are the only ones that Robin is speaking to or interacting with. On Saturday there was a kids service and we got ourselves together and made it to the synagogue on time. Everyone got situated and Elie and Isaac sat themselves down right in the front row. Lo and behold, Robin started asking questions and because Elie and Isaac were shouting out answers, none of the other kids had a chance to respond. One of the other moms leaned over to me and said, while kinda laughing, "Look it's the Elie and Isaac show." Part of me was mortified. I don't want to have the kids that monopolize the adult attention of whatever interaction is going on. As it is, they will talk the ear off of anyone who pays five seconds of attention to them. It doesn't matter where we are, what is going on, or who it is. If you engage my older two for any length of time, they will talk to you in that small child way that will suck you in and never let you go. You know the one, the one that you feel bad for having to break off because the child is just talking and cheerily sharing little bits of information on and on and on and on and......And part of me was happy that they feel so comfortable with Robin and so confident in themselves. I hope that they always have that kind of confidence and comfortable feeling. I know (hope!) that they will learn what socially acceptable conversations with strangers are, but sometimes (okay, all the time) they do talk a lot, with anyone.

We stayed after school one day last week so that the kids could play on the playground. It is a nice big playground and they really enjoy it. Plus, usually, other families stay to play, so they get extra time with their school friends. Well, this day no one else stayed. So the kids were playing and I was nursing Leila. Across the playground I see Isaac hit Elie for no reason, so I called him over to where I was sitting. He jumped down from where he was and put both hands on his face; fingers pointed up, palms to his eyes, and started to walk across the playground! I knew right away that he was experimenting with trying to walk with out looking. But the funniest part was that he'd walk five or six steps with his eyes covered, take a quick peek, readjust his aim so he was walking in the right direction, and then cover his eyes again. All this while still continuing to walk. By the time he got to me I was so amused by his little experiment that I could hardly talk to him about hitting Elie.

Talia, as of late, has turned into quite the little tyrant. Most of her antics are aimed at disrupting whatever play is going on with out her. If Elie is involved in quiet pretend play with her dollies, Talia will come up and grab a doll or mess up whatever Elie has created for them. If Isaac is playing with something, Talia will grab whatever it is and run away from him. ARGHGHGHGH She is a piece of work and we are really going to have to keep on her, to make sure she doesn't turn into the tyrant of the family.

Today the kids were in the backyard and Isaac yelled "I found the football." Then he says to Talia "Now we'll play football. I'll push you down." I assume this is because he's watched football with us and thinks that is what they do. I quickly explained to him about touch football. He seemed to internalize it because he would hold the football, run after Talia, she would fall down and he would touch her. It was interesting that she understood that she was supposed to somehow end up on the ground, but they don't seem to understand that the football is supposed to change hands.

Leila is doing so well. She is growing so incredibly quickly. I can hardly believe that she is three weeks old today. She's already outgrowing sleepers. Sniff, sniff. And so it begins. Today she was having some quiet alert time and I poked my face into her vision and gave her a big smile. I started talking to her and she smiled back, a huge grin covered her face. It was beautiful. I love being a mom!

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