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Monday, May 7, 2007

Just Like Riding a Bike...

Elie has learned to ride her bike!!!! She has been working on it sporadically, due to her slacker parents' inability to practice consistently with her. We have finally made a serious and concerted effort to get her out and practicing. Adam took her yesterday and she was able to get started (still with some help) and go! She would even tell Adam "You push me, hold on for a bit and then let go!" They went around our block and up and down the sidewalk several times. She was so excited she came right in and we all went out to see her. She still doesn't get using the brakes and so when she wants to stop, she steers into the grass and throws herself over. It is relatively amusing, but I would like it better if she learned how to stop in a safer manner. It is amazing to see how it has finally clicked. She is really good at recovering from swerving and she is also doing well pay attention to what is in front of her, rather than looking around while she is riding. I am really proud of her and I can't believe my big girl is riding a two wheeler!

While my parents were here they gave us the idea of growing tomato plants. So we bought a giant plastic pot and the kids and I dumped packets of seeds in and covered them with dirt. It's kind of an experiment in low-energy, not-so-time-consuming gardening. Well, we have sprouts! And they are actually growing quite well. I was totally surprised at how fast they came up. We put in some heirloom seeds and some regular salad tomatoes and some orange and yellow ones too. If the experiment is even remotely successful we may be drowning in small size tomatoes this summer. It is definitely a good thing that the kids LOVE tomatoes!

This is the conversation that Talia and I had in the commissary today:

"What do you want for your birthday, Talia?"


"What kind of Elmo? Squishy? Talking?"

"Quishy Elmo" (Squishy Elmo)

"What would you do with a squishy Elmo?"

"Quish it!" (Squish it!)

Well duh, Mommy. What else would I do with a squishy Elmo. Of course I would squish it. That is the fun of a squishy Elmo....

Talia is quite excited about her upcoming birthday. She sings happy birthday to herself constantly and she asks other people to sing her happy birthday. When I ask her how old she will be she says "Tree!" (three) then when I say no and ask her again she says "six!"

Talia has had another language explosion and is now using full sentences where a word used to suffice. "I am done with my dinner. I want to get down." She used to just say "down." It is amazing how fast she is growing up.

(Talia runs in a zig zag across the yard, screaming and holding a small metal cookie sheet. Isaac follows her clutching a plastic yogurt container filled with dirt, while waving a large metal spoon above his head.)

Talia: (shrieking) EEEEEEEE

Isaac: Talia, please give that back to me!


Isaac: I was using that, Talia. Give it back to me please!

Talia: (running down the hill at full tilt) EEEEEEEEEE

Isaac: Please, Talia, give that back to me!!

Talia: (coming up the stairs to the deck) EEEEEEEEE (waving the metal pan so that Isaac cannot grab it from her)

Isaac: (breaking down into hysterics) Talia took that and I had it and I want it back Give it back to me Talia give it back you grabbed it Give it BACK

Elie planted some orange cosmos (a wildflower) seeds at school while they were learning about Earth Day. Those have sprouted too and are doing quite well. We'll have to see how transplanting goes. I am really having a great time with the gardening. I wish we had enough space to make a true fruit and vegetable garden. I think we'll have to try that in our *next* house!

I went through all the kids clothes that they've outgrown this weekend. More importantly, I went through all the boys clothes. We are done having kids and I'm really okay with that. Four is a LOT. But there is a part of me that is sad that we won't be having another boy. And there's another part of me that is sad we are done having kids. Adam and I have been making babies for six years now. It is going to be really different. We'll have a new focus and there will be new challenges. And our relationship will, like all things, change. It all seems so bittersweet. I love my life. I'm excited about how things will change, but there is definitely that moment of mourning for things that we will never experience directly again. Of course, I'm also throwin' a big party and havin' a beer in celebration of the fact I will NEVER be pregnant again! WHOOOOHOOOOOO! Okay...see what I mean, it's very happy and sad all at the same time.

Leila is possibly not the laid back baby we first thought she might be. Though she certainly puts up very gracefully with a ton of jostling and toting, and she is a good nurser, she really, really gets cranky in the evenings. We've done this before though and so, in certain regards, it is much easier. I know she'll settle down eventually and that we'll live through this stage. I do wish there was some way I could help her not gulp so much air while she is nursing, as having burps seems to be her major complaint in life. She has started giving us all some small smiles when she is having awake time. She is a dang cute kid though and the other kids REALLY love her and love to be around her.

The other day Adam and I were sitting on the couch. Around the corner comes Isaac with his pants and underwear around his ankles, socks and gym shoes still on. He was pushing the bathroom door open all the way. He stood there singing to himself and wiggling the door a bit. I finally asked him what he was doing. "I don't know," he responded. I asked if he had been potty, yes he had. I asked if he had flushed, yes he had. Then he danced around a bit more and walked around the door and back into the bathroom.

My children are weird.

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