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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

I wrote the following on the 31st of May and never got back to it...I thought I'd put it out there anyway and then write some more....

(Well, it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. Life has been, well, a little hectic. We had Leila's baby naming last weekend and the lead up to that took it out of me! It wasn't that the even was so big, I was just having a hard time functioning. You know, post partum crazies and all that. Poor Adam has been having to deal with CRANKY Oj and we all know how much fun that is.

Anyway, the naming was beautiful. My dad's folks were able to make it out, along with my parents and so that summed up the out of town guests we had. We really missed those who were unable to swing coming for the weekend. On Saturday we had a brief ceremony at the synagogue during the Saturday morning service. Then on Sunday, Adam's dad led a ceremony at the house that was much more personal and meaningful. He created a ceremony with lots of beautiful readings that included all the generations that were at the naming. It was really special.

The kids have been up to all sorts of crazy antics. I swear they get cuter everyday. Talia's speech is so incredibly clear, she sounds just like the bigger kids. The only downside to having clear speech and good communication at two is that she is extremely susceptible to suggestion. So if Elie approaches and claims that Isaac pushed her, Talia is right behind her claiming the same thing. Or if Talia is crying she will often make up some reason and it usually involves her blaming one of her siblings. It's not hard to tell what is going on, but it does make it a little more complicated. Talia has also learned how to get on the swing by herself recently. So she will hop up on the swing and Elie is quite content to push her. It is the CUTEST thing. )

Okay, whew. Here it is, weeks from when I last wrote. There has just been WAY. TOO. MUCH. GOING. ON. So I'll attempt to fill you in...

Our tomato plants really were growing great before we left. I think that every single seed we put in the pot must have germinated. I even thinned them and they are still taking over the world. I just hope that the girls we've hired to watch the house make sure and water them. The kids are so excited to get to eat tomatoes from our very own plants. The tomatoes were so exciting we also planted some bell pepper plants and watermelon plants. We'll have to update you on the progress of those when we finally get home!

Leila has really gotten into a nice schedule. She is an AWESOME sleeper and is going down for the night right around the same time the older kids do. She wakes up a couple or three times in the night for nursing, but never rouses fully and just wakes to nurse and go back to sleep. The week before we left on our trip, she slept 8 and 1/2 hours one night! I kept trying to get her to nurse, but she was asleep and would not rouse at all! She is also super cute and is loving even more to talk, smile and laugh at faces and people. She is one amazingly cute and loved kiddo.

The end of school was just a blur. I swear I blinked and the year was over. The last few weeks were filled with activities (a farm trip with Isaac's class) and projects. The kids were excited, but a little sad too. On June 8th Elie graduated from pre-school. They had an adorable graduation ceremony, even got to wear little mortar boards and were handed a diploma. Elie was totally weirded out by not going to school like regular on the day of graduation. I think she was a bit sad (despite claiming the contrary time and time again). I had asked her if she was going to miss her friends or school and she said "No. I'll just make new friends when I get to kindergarten." But I really think that when the time came, she was sad. I'm not sure she recognized it, but she was definitely subdued during the graduation. Isaac is just thrilled he's going to be the big man on campus and be in five day next year. I know that I'm going to blink and it'll be a year from now and I'll have two munchkins in elementary school. Time just flies by.

Before we left we went to the playground on one of the last nice days before the summer heat eats up NOVA. Elie was playing and there was a little boy who was probably about Isaac's age there. He got into a tunnel with Elie and there was a long conversation. Then Elie came out and came over to us and said "That boy said he wanted to marry me. He told me that I should kiss him because Ruby kissed him when she married him. I told him I didn't want to kiss him because I didn't want to share germs." All I have to say is thank goodness for my daughter's OCD....I don't want her kissing anyone yet either! ;)

So the days were filled with errands and tasks and the nights were filled with trying to get ready for our month long trip to Oregon. The getting ready for Oregon wouldn't have been so bad, except the battery acid had come back to haunt me. Let us all revisit the battery acid nightmare....Okay, let's not. Read back in the blog for the whole dang story. Let's just start with the fact that I didn't get it all cleaned up and it got on (and made holes in, lots and lots of big holes) in my brand new Ergo. For those of you who aren't addicted to babywearing, an Ergo is a padded carrier. It is like the best of the best. And I had finally purchased one and was waiting for Leila to be big enough to carry in it. We had tested it on Talia and it was GREAT. Anyway, I was planning to take it to Oregon, but discovered it had giant, battery acid made holes in it. So I had to patch it in a long and painful, hand-work way. The Ergo alone took me five nights of working to finish. Add to that, there was acid on the back packer (which is invaluable because Talia still fits in it and hiking goes so much faster when she's in the packer), so I had to take it apart (again...we had fixed it with my parents but I didn't realize that the plastic parts were being eaten by acid, so we fixed it only for me to discover that it was falling apart again) and fix it. Lesson being: DON'T MESS WITH CAR BATTERIES. THEY HAVE ACID AND WILL RUIN THINGS. Got it?

I know that you all are thinking: How did you get to Oregon? No, fear not, I did not attempt to fly on the airplane by myself. That is something that will simply have to wait until the kids are older. There is no way I could have done it with out my dear, dear sis, Hilary. My parents paid for her to come out to DC for a couple days and then she flew back with us. She was amazing. Hilary leads a very quiet life, sans children, with her boyfriend and two cats. She has a full time job as a vet tech and is quite content. I'm not sure what momentary insanity struck her when she agreed to come out and help me fly back with the kids, but I'm sure glad it did. She sat across the aisle with me and took care of Elie and Isaac. I had Leila (lap baby) and Talia next to me. Hilary was great. She played with Elie and Isaac, introduced them to the music stations that you can plug into, showed them the airplane safety cards, played brain quest with them, colored, spelled, read and was generally an AWESOME AUNTY! Yeay Hilary!

The kids were a kick and a half on the plane though. Isaac took to the head phones (or *ear-heads* as he called them). He spent lots of time scrolling through the stations until he found one he really liked. Then he spent the last hour (of our five hour flight from DC to SanFran) listening to music and reading the airplane safety card. I kid you not. He read it backwards, forwards, upside down and right side up. He clapped and swayed and bobbed his head to the music. It was hilarious. Really. Hilary kept inviting him to join in whatever activity they were doing and he'd say "No thank you" and put his head phones back on. I really had the easy part as Leila and Talia fell asleep pretty soon after takeoff. On the flight to Eugene from SanFran, Elie and Isaac got to sit together ALONE. They were really happy about that. It was super cute. Talia did awesome on both flights and was mostly happy to talk to herself and play with her Dora or Elmo figures. Probably the funniest thing is that when you ask the kids what they did on the flight they tell you....They got pretzels. Yeah, six hours on planes and all they remember is the 15 mins where they got to eat. But, I can't tell you how relieved I was at how smoothly it all went. The kids were AMAZING and Hilary was a super help. Now we just have to get back, but Adam will be flying with us, so it should go just as well.

So now we are here and having a blast. We got some ride on toys so the kids can tool around on the giant paved driveway/parking area my parents have. We get to visit GranEde at her office for lunch everyday. We are planning on lots of fun trips and adventures. We've even gone caching. It will be a great visit! The kids are loving being with GranEde and GranDude and getting to do fun things they don't get to do at home. I'm loving being here and getting a bit of a vacation for myself. My Dad is a GREAT cook and has been serving delicious food, so I'm getting a big vacation from cooking. Also, it is wonderful to have so many extra hands to help out. I'm getting to exercise, by myself because I can leave the kids with Dad. And getting the kids to bed is sooo much easier with three adults herding and prodding to make sure that everything is getting done. Whew, I'm tired. Now that we're settled it should be easier to get back to writing regularly....If we're not out having too much fun!

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  1. Enjoy Oregon! Let me know when you are back and ready for a visitor!