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Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Report

On Mother's Day I came downstairs. Talia and Adam were the only two up and I sat on the couch to snuggle with Adam. Talia came up to us and said "Daddy...Mommy" and I said "Yes, Talia?" She said "Daddy uhhh Mommy?" Adam said "Yes, Talia?" "Ummmmm, Mommy.....Daddy." She said this several more times and we responded every time, but apparently whatever thought she wanted to share with us, left her little mind.

Elie has been so much better about arguing the last week or so. She's still quite bossy, but I don't think that being bossy is so much a stage as it is a serious personality defect. (My bossy stage never ended either, hence my expertise on the subject.) Not arguing makes life so much easier. Of course, part of the whole process could be that Adam and I have discovered how to nip it in the bud, so the whole arguing situation never gets started. That is how stages pass in parenting; not only does the behavior of the child change, the parents learn how to deal with the new behavior. Who knew that parenting would involve me changing/learning too?

We've been so busy running errands and getting from here to there that I'm finding myself in desperate need of a break. I'm thrilled that summer vacation starts in a month and I am planning on doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, that's not even so true. The day after the last day of school we are headed to Oregon, but that will be a nice vacation and there doesn't have to be any schedule. I'm sure we'll do things, but one of my goals will be to NOT rush around. But after we get back, there is not one thing written on the calendar. Sure, stuff will have to get done, but I'm planning on many days spent playing in the backyard, going to the library and just enjoying being together.

Leila has really started interacting with me. I love to gaze into her eyes and watch her smile. She's even started cooing at me and giggling! I just love this stage. That little "ahhhh" sound they make when they are "talking" to you and the giant smiles that bloom across their faces. I could gaze at her forever. She's not too into interacting with everyone else yet, though she has given Adam a few big smiles, but I know it's coming. The kids just love her and I'm sure they'll be excited when she starts acknowledging them.

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