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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sultans of Swing

Isaac has learned how to swing himself! It is such a glorious thing and has so happened overnight. It is amazing how long swinging can keep them occupied. We hadn't even been really working with him on it, he just was going out there and experimenting with moving his weight around and making himself swing. Now both he and Elie go out and swing themselves. Talia still is too little to even get herself into the swing, but she still loves swinging. She could also sit out there for hours on end. Often if a big person gets tired of pushing her, she will refuse to get down and just swing back and forth until the swing isn't moving anymore and then she'll just sit on the not-moving swing. Of course, she manages to look so pitiful with her big blue eyes and shouts of "push me!" that it is difficult to not push her.

I am so loving the beautiful weather. The kids go outside as soon as we get home from school and can hardly be called in when it is time for dinner. They love being out there. The sandbox is a huge draw and they have recently discovered the joy of simply digging in the dirt. There is nothing better for digging than an old metal serving spoon and a yogurt container! They play mowing games and football. They swing and dig and play house. It is fantastic to watch them excercise their little minds. Plus it is nice for me to just sit, nurse Leila, listen and occasionally referee. (Sometimes I even manage to squeeze in a little sudoku!)

Tonight at dinner we were graced with Isaac's newest lyrics:
Poof you are a labia, labia, labia.
Vagina, vagina, vagina.

Can you tell he has only sisters?

Elie's teacher at school has been introducing them to bits of lots of languages. It is amazing how quickly Elie is picking them up. Even today a guest to the class gave them handouts of the signing alphabet and so Elie was practicing it as soon as she was home. She and I did it together several times. It is really amazing how much she remembers after just one exposure to it. It actually makes me think that I shouldn't be wasting this learning time for her and that I should get my lazy booty in gear and get her in some language and music classes. Ah if there were more hours in the day......

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