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Monday, August 6, 2007

Home again...at long last!

Well, after our trip to Oregon, 10 days at home, a trip to Colorado, then a trip to PA, we are FINALLY home! Our tomatoes are producing edible vegies (our watermelon and pepper plants are not, but still growing strong), our kitties are thrilled to finally have us back in the house, the kids are happy to be home with their toys (although Talia did ask where GranEde was and if she was riding in our car, just yesterday) and I am happy to be home again and working on various 'round the house projects. Not that we didn't have a wonderful time. We did. Oregon was a blast and I am so happy that the kids had a chance to just *live* with GranEde and GranDude. We had such fun adventures. Colorado was also a great time. We all had such a good time visiting with everyone who lives there and the visitors who were around too! We got to go to the cabin.

And to the zoo (we fed the giraffes and as Talia said excitedly "We feed the giraffes and one dust (just) licked me!" We saw Alan and Lisa get married and it was a wonderful thing. There is absolutely nothing like being in a room of 200 people, all of whom are bursting with happiness for two absolutely amazing people! We also had a good time in Pennsylvania, where we met Ben and the kids' cousins, Alec and Jack, for three fun-filled days at a huge waterpark resort thingy. But now we are home. And home we are staying for a long, long time. There is so much going on here!

During our ten days home in July, we made sour cherry jam and blueberry jam. The kids just LOVE to help out. They are now professional cherry pitters....

(Yes, they are all in their undies, I figured it would be easier to clean them if they were naked. Cherry pitting is a MESSY business!)
And professional blueberry smashers, they can even operate the smashing machinery all by themselves!

The jam we made is delicious and it was so much fun to make too! During the month of August I am planning to do more canning. The kids just love pb and homemade jam!

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