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Monday, August 20, 2007

It's too early!

Truth is, it's too early for LOTS of things. Currently the time is 7:01. For those of you who know me, I'm not a giant fan of the morning. But with children I have learned that an early rising time is inevitable. However, as of late, Leila's rising times have been INSANELY early. Last week she was awake (ie chattering, grunting, fussing, non-nursing AWAKE) at around two or three each morning. She would generously get sleepy around eight or nine am (by which time everyone else was awake), but she was fussy and refusing to nurse the entire time she was awake. The other problem is that her grunting (and I mean loud grunting) would wake up and keep awake lots of people in this household, big and small, who need/want/absolutely must have more sleep. I kept thinking to myself, "gosh, I'm so glad that this is the last babe." This is the last time I'll be going through this stage of mystery fussiness and waking/staying awake at ungodly hours of the wee, wee morn. But then I discovered the reason for the early waking time.

My four and a half month old, babe of sweetness and light is getting her first TEETH!!!!!!

Yeah, four and a half months old. UNCOOL. And I know they are teeth. I can put my finger in her mouth, rub on her gum and feel the teeth bumps. I can also see them, if she holds still long enough and allows me to torture her for a few minutes. There they are, little pearly whites. Undeniable truth, in the form of two white lines on her gums, that my baby is working hard on growing up as fast as she can. Of course, that she is *getting* teeth on purpose is a completely ridiculous idea. She didn't wake up one day and think to herself, "Gosh, look at that fun food! Look at my brother and sisters running around and having fun. I so want to be big. I'll grow teeth today." I know she didn't. But somehow, with this being THE LAST TIME, it feels a little deliberate and a lot rushed. The other three did not start teething until somewhere in their eighth month. Elie's teeth came in painfully slow, one at a time, for a year and a half. Isaac was still missing his eye teeth when he turned two. (People used to rudely ask what was wrong with his teeth before they came in.) Talia turned two in May and is just NOW breaking through her two year molars. I do not understand! Yes, this is my last babe and yes, there are so many reasons I'm okay with that. But I am not, let me repeat, NOT okay with my last babe growing up so very fast before my eyes.

It so happens that in addition to teeth, she seems to be in a great hurry to accomplish locomotion. She started rolling over front to back/back to front a week before her fourth month birthday. Now she's a rollin' fool. She pops over, willy nilly, to visit other portions of our bed, the floor, or whatever area she happens to be drooling all over at the time. Of course, it is pretty random and not at all purposeful. She just pops over to visit the world from a different point of view and then she pops back over to roll away.

And with this stage comes all sort of other developmental fun-ness. She grabs things quite effeciently now, including her feet. (Which actually, is a personal fave of mine. There is nothing cuter than a little naked bootie waving around while adorable baby toes are being grabbed by said babe!) She also uses her hands to grab for the other hand. So she often has them clasped in a little self hand holding. This ball of hands then requires deep and complete contemplation, as she attempts to examine them from all angles (as it turns out, when your hands are holding each other, there aren't many ways you can move them). Leila also loves to small, laugh and giggle at any human face passing by. Her eyes light up and she clasps her hands together, while she grins and giggles. Sometimes she even makes her favorite vocal greeting and gasps at whatever face is hanging around.

However, all this locomotion and development also creates some challenges while we're nursing. I like to call it the circus nurse. She'll latch on and immediately begin kicking; one foot, knee to chest, two feet in a bicycle motion. She makes a pointer and pokes it into her mouth WHILE she's trying to nurse. She spreads her hand out wide and rubs my breast, her face, her ear. She grabs her ear and twists it around. She pops off to see what that noise was, she gets back on. She tries to roll over. She pulls both legs up to her chest and thrusts them back down again. She twists my shirt over her nose. I hold on to one hand while holding her body, pinning the down arm under my arm or breast. When we lay down to nurse, sometimes I have to put my leg over her legs, hold on to the top hand/arm, and then use my other hand to pat her. Wow. The skills I have are INVALUABLE for nursing, I'm just not sure they are marketable anywhere else.

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  1. Hi, OJ!

    I don't know if you know how MUCH I enjoy reading your blog. You're such a great writer! I can practically hear your voice as I read . . .

    4-1/2 months isn't the earliest I've heard for a baby getting her teeth. On the morning of Bethany's spinal surgery, when was just 3-1/2 months old, she cut her first tooth! I remember thinking, "Oh, my goodness! She's going to expect pain in her BACK with every new tooth!"