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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another First Day!

On Monday I sent Isaac off to his first day of school. Here he is looking so grown up. Isaac's first day was a less dramatic transition than Elie's. Last year he went to the same school, just three days. And it's the same program that Elie went through for two years, so we are very comfortable there. We know the director and all of the admin people. It is at our synagogue, so we are there quite a bit outside of school. I was a bit nervous for the first day though, but not for what I would describe as usual reasons. Isaac is a kiddo who likes "The Plan". He likes to make plans (or have plans announced) and then follow through with them. Now when I say *likes* I mean that if The Plan doesn't work out (for whatever reason) he tends to meltdown/have issues. So, Isaac decided that The Plan for this school year would be that he would have the same teacher that Elie had last year. Elie was a monkey....so Isaac was going to be a monky. Elie had Morah D.....Isaac was going to have Morah D. (As an aside, "morah" means "teacher" in hebrew.) And I think that Isaac repeated The Plan every single time that school came up the whole summer. I knew that Isaac most likely would NOT be a monkey because I had requested he have a different teacher. It wasn't because Elie had a bad year, in fact, she had a wonderful year. However, Morah D made me, as the parent, crazy. I really did not want to deal with her another year.

A week before school started we got our teacher assignments and Isaac was NOT a monkey....he was going to be a frog. And not only was he a frog, but he had the NEW teacher Morah T. All was not going according to The Plan. When we went for meet the teacher and see your classroom day, he would not even go IN the classroom. He even started to cry! I was really at a loss and tried to engage him and be sensitive to the difficulty changing, while not pandering to him. We struggled through the meet and see and went home. He declared several times, though only to me, that he would go to school but "he was not excited to be a froggy." Although to other people he said he was excited for school. I was sure that we were going to have tears and drama the first day. I talked with him about giving Morah T a chance and about how much fun being a froggy was going to be. We drove up on the first day, he declared he wanted to go to drop off line, and out he went making a beeline for the door. He didn't blink! I was so proud of him. And he had a great day. He is LOVING school and having a great time.

I was sure that he was going to meltdown and he didn't. It seems that he, too, has grown up in ways that I could not see. He is the youngest in his class, just turning four this year when his classmates will, for the most part, turn five. I have been doubtful that he will be ready for kindergarten next year, but for the first time I'm starting to see that he probably will be ready. We were out on the playground yesterday after school and I saw him running around with his friends. I realized that he's not a baby anymore and he's not even a toddler. He's really growing into a little boy. Look Mom, I'm a real boy! Proving everyday that he's growing to take on the world, happy and excited even when it doesn't follow The Plan.

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