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Monday, September 24, 2007

Now He Is Four

Happy Birthday, Isaac! Here is the birthday boy with his birthday cake. He asked for a pirate ship birthday cake and so we whipped one up! Actually, it was tons of fun and Adam and I had a great time doing it. (More closeup pics in a bit.) Isaac had a great day today. He woke up and asked me if it was his birthday and we responded by singing to him. We got ready and went to school. At lunchtime the whole family came, bringing Chipotle and books to donate to his class in honor of his birthday. We read one of the books to the class and got to eat lunch with them. Then we sang happy birthday and had a special birthday treat. What fun! We had a nice afternoon and then after Daddy got home Isaac opened his birthday presents. Boy did he rake it in!!! ; ) He loved all of his gifts and it is totally adorable how he wants to play with each thing immediately after he opens it. Adam and I gave him a three wheeled scooter and he was riding around and around on it. What a kick!

The funniest part of the whole day was that the pirate toys I put on the cake were a runaway hit. They were even more exciting than eating the cake itself, I do believe. I purchased three pirates to put on the cake.

They came with a little cannon that has cannonballs that actually fire! The kids were so excited about playing with the pirates that they each had a few bites of cake and then were desperate to get down so they could play with them! Anyway, here's a picture of the whole cake.

I have to say that I was petrified when Isaac was born. I did not want a boy child. I wanted Elie to have a sister. People around me (you know who you are) kept trying to prepare me for the possibility of a boy and I would have none of it. His delivery was so quick, hard work, but very quick. And there he was, a little read-headed boy child, waiting for me to love him. I always loved him, but in the beginning I didn't really like that he was a boy. He was such a difficult baby, screaming for hours on end, refusing solid food until he weaned, refusing to be cajoled into anything. Then I had mother's guilt for feeling like I didn't love him properly in the beginning. But for a long while now, I've seen his place in our family and loved it. Boys are different, but they are also little human beings, learning and experiencing. Isaac is everything that a boy should be; sweet, funny, smart and adorable! I can only hope that Adam and I can help him grow into a sensitive, smart, funny man. Happy Birthday, Isaac, you will always be my special boy!

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