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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Leila Noodle

Wow. Leila is six months old. She is actually six months and one day. The time has gone by so very, very fast. It is so strange to think of never dealing with the infant stage again. In some ways I am sad, but mostly I'm not. For instance: currently we are in the throwing oneself backwards and arching the back when oneself is not happy about random and mysterious goings on in oneself's world. Oh, I dislike this stage. I dislike it immensely. We'll be happily sitting while I read to the olders or help Elie with homework (WOW!) and all of a sudden life will turn ugly and the arching of back, screaming and throwing of body will commence. BLAH. I usually just put her down until she seems to calm down a little (or until she screams louder) and she's ready to be held or nursed again. And then there's the waking in the middle of the night. There's also the pulling mommy's hair, scratching and biting that is going on right now.

But it's not all bad. Really. There's tons and tons of cool stuff. Leila loves to smile and laugh. She has started to babble almost constantly. The olders love to make her laugh and she loves to catch their eye and get them to slow down for half a second and talk to her. She's been rolling around to get places for a while now, but has recently been trying to push herself up on to all fours. She managed to do it for about 1/2 a second the other day, but since then she can only get one knee underneath her and then she does a face plant to the floor.

The other developmental stage she's into now is feeling her world. I actually LOVE this stage because it is so fun to watch her little hands explore. She takes a piece of fabric (usually my shirt while she's nursing) and holds it in her fist. Then she deliberately takes her pointer and thumb and pinches a bit of shirt. After she has her pinch, she slowly rubs her fingers together, feeling the fabric AND learning about control of her digits. Then she lets go and does the whole experiment again. Of course sometimes her extremity control experiments wander into the wilds and she waves her hands up and down vigorously hitting whatever is foolish enough to be in close proximity: my breasts, her own head, her siblings' heads, the cats...you get the picture.

But she really is such a sweet babe. She is soft and smells delicious. Her eyes light up in a most amazing way when you are talking to her. She loves to laugh and be tickled and she is even starting to play games. (I was pretending to eat her hand the other day and she was giggling and giggling....plus she LOVES peekaboo.) It is amazing to see the little personality coming out of the nursing, pooping, demanding constant attention and holding machine. I love it and I am in love with seeing my kiddos grow and change.

TaTaForEver Infant stage, we're moving on. See you later baby lumps and urp rags. Catch you 'round tiny, sweet, miraculous brand new little people. We're moving up to the entirely potty learned, totally mobile, question askin', food eatin', sleepin' through the night (okay okay these aren't happening RIGHT away, but they sure seem close) land of the Big Kids and Toddlers. But I won't forget you and I'll visit, however briefly, whenever a wee one enchants me for a few short whiles.

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