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Thursday, November 8, 2007


It's that time of year again. The time of year when the plague hits and never really goes away until springtime (or later). Oh yeah, we are ALL sick. For the last two weeks some representative members of our family have been battling a fever/cough/sore throat/runny nose/hoarse voice/lots of phlegm. Elie is on antibiotics, Isaac has been coughing so hard he gags himself, Talia is not only sick but she is currently going through a mommy-and-I-are-attached-at-the-hip stage soooo she isn't sleeping through the night, Leila is not only sick (which makes nursing awfully hard) but she is getting four or so teeth all AT THE SAME TIME. Adam and I have managed to catch the plague too and so we are feeling the burn. In fact, I felt so terrible on Tuesday that I made Adam come home from work early. Then yesterday I fell asleep while nursing Leila to sleep and couldn't manage to motivate myself to consciousness when I finally did wake up at nine or so.

Can't we just live in a bubble? Conversely - Can't we just get the world to stop for a few days so we can get better?

P.S. Daylight Saving Time is messing with the wake up schedule something fierce. Don't those lawmakers know that my babies need their sleep? When the time changes they get up at o'dark-thirty. And that is NOT COOL.

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