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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two for the Price of One

In addition to the momentous occasion of the hair cut (see post below), there have been other goings on this week. Adam is gone and so that means: The TDY Curse. Oh yeah, it hit again. On Tuesday evening I was doing the dishes and I turned on the garbage disposal. The vibrations made the cell phone jump off the windowsill, where it was plugged in to the wall charging and sitting behind a decorative rock, and into the garbage disposal. There was a brief blue flash, a whiff of smoke and then some grinding noises. I managed to recover from the shock and turn off the garbage disposal to retrieve my now seven pieces of cell phone. Lovely. The garbage disposal is still non functioning, but I've managed to come up with a solution to the phone problem using an old phone. Blah.

Last night Leila fell asleep in the wrap while I was making dinner. She slept peacefully and then I took her upstairs after dinner to put her in bed. I told the big kids to go into their room and play quietly until I was done making sure Leila was asleep. They went in their room, I got Leila down, and when I was done I went in to get them ready for bed. There they all were, dressed for bed! I hadn't even asked them and they were all dressed. Oh they are so cute and so big. So responsible!

Speaking of Leila I was feeding her lunch today and she was falling over trying to get my Indian food. So I gave her some palak paneer (spinach and cheese). She LOVED it. That kid is hilarious, I swear.

In other news, Talia got her own scissors today. She is so excited. She's been borrowing Elie and Isaac's for a month now and she was totally jonesing for her own pair. So she picked the color and then she spent the whole morning cutting pieces of paper in to itty bitty bits for Leila to eat. So helpful. AND I'm really going to have to watch her because after I cut Elie's hair, she said that she was going to use her scissors to cut her OWN hair. Watch this space for an update to THAT announcement!

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