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Monday, December 17, 2007

There is too much...let me sum up

It is ten pm. I ought to be in bed. Yet every time I sit down I think of how I haven't updated my bloggity blog in a gazillion years...or three weeks. Uncool. Completely uncool. I keep going over in my head, trying to hold on to all the tiny stories and fragments of things that have happened, thoughts I have had and stories I want to tell, in some hope that I can regurgitate them back out for public consumption. And now I feel I must write something down...even if it is bullet style, bare bones summation of the last few weeks! So here goes:

- Now has two top teeth
- Likes to bite me
- Doesn't want to sleep in her own bed because she likes mine better. I like her in my bed BUT I want to get up at five am and excercise and cannot seem to do this w/out waking her up. big conundrum because I like her cosleeping and enjoy having her there w/me.
- Related to above, I can no longer leave her alone in my bed because she will crawl off of it. I have empirical proof that this will happen and now leaving her in the bed, even while asleep, makes me very, very nervous.
- Continues to love love love love big people food. when I get out the food grinder she about squirms out of my arms trying to reach for it. is starting to enjoy feeding herself bits, but wants me to keep stuffing it in with a spoon at the same time. tonight she enjoyed a meal of black beans and rice, yummy!

- Is experimenting with physical temper tantrums. The other day I put her in the shopping cart when she did not want to be there and she started kicking her feet and arching her back.
- Is hilarious! "I do not like the thunder. It wakes me up. But I like the rain. The rain pats me back to sleep." The other day she was trying to get down from the table and we had a whole seven minute exchange regarding her getting down, excusing herself and being stuck. I can't even appropriately sum it up, but Adam and I were wiping tears from our faces when the whole thing was done.
- Has had nother language explosion and now talks my ear off even more than before. But it is sooo cute!

- "Please close the door when you are using the bathroom and guests are over." I said to him. "The door is closed...halfway." was his response.
- Is doing a GREAT job reading. He's probably on the same level that Elie was when she started school. Language development/Reading skills are sooooo coooool.
- Can't seem to keep track of his gloves/mittens. I found them the last two times they were lost sitting on the the playground at school. Apparently he gets too hot and just takes them off and throws them on the ground. ARHGHGHGHGHGH. I'm going to staple them to him. I swear I am.
- Got a hair cut after trying to grow out his hair for a pony ala GranDude. He picked the style and it is SHORT. But so cute. Post haircut G-Daddy admits that he liked it long. Adam and I gasp!

- Is experimenting with some not following the rules behavior at school. Has a "yellow" day. (Green is a day w/no problems, yellow one, blue a few and red...well you understand.) Doesn't tell me about it when I ask, waits for me to find the note the teacher sent home! I make her explain, then I make her write a note of apology to the teacher. Hopefully I've managed to make an impression. We'll see. (yellow day was just last Thursday - shrug)
- Has decided reading is a decidedly cool thing. Is now voluntarily reading books, over my shoulder at the computer, words on food labels etc. Does a really good job, if she's not trying to guess.
- Is love, love, loving her hair cut. She brushes it herself, can put it in a pony by herself and is generally thrilled with it!
- Has moved into her own room! We moved Talia and Isaac into the bunk bed, put the crib in with Talia and Isaac and moved the twin bed that Talia was in, into the old crib room. Make sense? This was all so that Elie could get an alarm clock, so that she could get out of bed on her own. I was tired of the whining - I'm still tired, I need to sleep more, I don't want to get up etc - that was occuring when I would attempt to awaken sleeping beauty in the morning. Now she has her own alarm and it is working smashingly!

Whew...I'm sure I've missed things. And dumb windows internet explorer has crashed THREE TIMES while I was writing this. Maybe tomorrow more hours will appear in the day...but for now I must sleep!

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