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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is How We Do It

At Chanukah it is customary to give chocolate. Usually the chocolate is in gold and silver aluminum foil, made to look like little coins. It's called gelt. We had our fair share of gelt this year and so did the kids. However, someone generously gave us a GIANT chocolate/almond bar as well. I had put it away, but pulled it out tonight as a post dinner treat. Talia was done with her food first, so I quietly got up and got out the chocolate and gave her some pieces. Isaac said "What is that, Mom?" I was feeling like a smart-ass, so I said "A poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Isaac says "hmmm", takes a few bites of food, chews and then says "Talia, how is that poke in the eye with a sharp stick?" He was completely serious!!! I started to laugh and laugh. Then he said "Can I have some poke in the eye with a sharp stick?" Still completely serious. It is so funny how literal they are!

Last night I made a delicious (if I may say so myself) alphabet soup. There were nice chunks of potato, tomato, carrot and peas in it. I ground some up in the food grinder for Leila and she gobbled it down. Then I struck upon the idea (duh) to put some chunks on her tray. She LOVED it. Every time she would pincer-grasp some peas, she would proudly hold it up at arms length until someone, anyone made enthusiastic noise about her having picked it up. Then she would either try and put it in the closest sibling mouth or try and put it in her mouth. A couple of times she actually did get it in her mouth! It was so exciting and she just kept eating and eating and eating and eating. She's still nursing a ton (mostly at night), but she's well on her way to being a big kiddo! I think she was dancing in her high chair tonight and she can wave, clap, and make a touchdown to be a performing monkey. It's just going by so fast......

Adam has been gone this week, but this time I'm not feeling so completely overwhelmed. The kids have all been REALLY well behaved; lots of good listening, sharing and less bickering. I'm feeling much more zen about life in general and my outlook has definitely improved. Today the kids and I made snowflakes most of the afternoon, then they proceeded to decorate the basement with them. Yesterday we played and did some laundry. I don't quite know what the cause of it is, but I'm diggin' the change!

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