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Thursday, February 28, 2008

All Tied Up

In big news, Isaac has learned how to tie his own shoes! Whoopeeee! I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me. I can now ask him to get his shoes on and he will be ready and waiting by the front door, shoes tied. It really was a miraculous sort of evolution. He had been tying his "xes" by himself most of the school year. (You know, the first step in tying your shoe - you have to tie an x.) And he was good and reliable about that. In the end of January I thought it was probably time to make time to get him to start tying his own shoes. I figured that he was ready to at least start working on it. I thought that it would be a long road. Elie took, probably, 4-6 weeks until she was reliably tying her shoes. She didn't want to learn the bunny around the tree method and decided she was going to use the two loops method. Okay, fine, just get your shoes tied, kiddo. And eventually she did, but she had to go back to the bunny around the tree method (mom DOES know what she's talking about....sometimes). So I prepared myself for a long road with Isaac. I guess it's been about three weeks ago now, I sat down with him in my lap and showed him the basics. The next day I showed him again. The third day we kinda did a combo tie with both of us having hands on the laces. Two days later he was tying them himself. No kiding. It's amazing.

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