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Monday, February 11, 2008

Get Dressed!

The other day I told Talia to go upstairs and get dressed. 20 mins (!) later she came back down in.......tights (no undies) on backwards and an unzipped grey hoodie sweatshirt. That's all. No shirt, no pants, no skirt. She said she was going out like that. I said "No Way."

She's been dressing herself for a while now, but lately she seems to be having trouble. Either she can't/won't focus enough to get the task done OR she gets dressed, but there are *problems* with her outfits. The *problems* include backwards pants/shirts, too hot/warm for the weather, or just plain wacky (like the aforementioned outfit).

I try and be laid back about the kids' clothes. I want, nay, NEED them to get themselves dressed. They have got to learn how to dress comfortably, for the weather, and appropriately. I don't believe they can do that if I am always picking their clothing. (This is not to say that I never tell them what to wear. When we are going to synagogue or somewhere that I feel they need to look a bit nicer, I will offer them choices.) So at about two (give or take some months) my kiddos have all started dressing themselves.

Which leads us to this juncture. Isaac STILL has trouble focusing and getting dressed, he seems to *forget* what he's supposed to be doing when he gets in his room, but he's getting better. Talia, though, is taking some sort of detour in the learning. I'm not sure if I should sit with her while she's getting dressed or just provide some guidance post dressage. Truly, the child would much rather be naked all the time, but I'm not sure that is so appropriate in 30 degree weather.

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  1. Ahh yes. I do remember the red and yellow cowboy boots with no socks, the purple velour skirt, and the green sweat shirt with no jacket at age 5 or 6. The discussion went something like m = "We have a lot of errands to run today and that outfit might not be best for snow, getting in and out of the car and keeping warm." O = "no Mom, this is what I want to wear." M = "OK, but remember you are not taking off the boots part way thru the day so maybe some socks would be a good idea." O = "no Mom I don't want socks." M = "I think a coat would be a good idea or at least a jacket, which would you like?" O = "no Mom, I don't need a jacket I have my sweat shirt." It was a long day indeed and I struggled with the boots staying on and being cold all day long. Didn't have a problem after that day, though if I suggested that something else might work better for the tasks and travel. Love ya - its a great journey.