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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Why do I keep doing this to myself? It's late, I'm tired, so I don't blog. Days go buy like this and then I realize that it's been FOREVER since I last took the time to write anything down and it turns into an epic dumping of reports/observations. Navel-gazing aside, I do have tons to say and so I guess I better just get started or else it's NEVER going to get done! ; )

We've had a really great few weeks. My parents came while the kids were out for spring break. We had a great time! We did a bunch of sightseeing, lots of cooking, hanging out and laughing. The kids loved having GranEde and GranDude here. Every morning, as soon as we would let them, they would go downstairs in a big herd and wake up the grandparents. We did manage to let GranEde and GranDude sleep in a couple of days, but mostly they were up at the crack of dawn with the rest of us! Adam even was able to take a couple of days off, so we went into DC to see a frog exhibit, a tiny portion of the Natural History Museum (we were headed back to see the insect exhibit, but got caught by the mammal skeletons and the next thing we knew it was time to go) and the next day we took in the Zoo. ("Look GranEde, the gorillas have people hands!" -Isaac) We had so much fun the days flew by. Then it was time for GranEde and GranDude to go. They had to leave before the kids got up (yes, o'dark-thirty) and Elie and Isaac were able to process that. But poor Talia got halfway through the day on Sunday and asked "when we are done with this, can we go downstairs and wake up GranEde and GranDude?"

Meanwhile, Leila has been doing all sorts of developing, big and small. She can now go up AND down the stairs. She can turn around and slide off of beds and couches. She is pretty much feeding herself entirely, but she has developed a rather odd picky streak. A month ago she would eat anything, with excitement. But now she will refuse to taste most things and almost everything she gives up on after one or two bites. Except - CHEESE. I waited to give it to her because we had a terrible problem with Talia when she was learning to eat. Talia LOVED cheese and as a result of loving cheese way, way too much, she got horribly constipated. So I wanted to wait to introduce cheese because Leila was already having constipation problems. But now I have another cheese lover. Blargh. If she can see cheese, she will refuse all food with the exception of the cheese. And she's started the if-I-don't-like-it-I'll-throw-it-on-the-floor-phase. Another Blarg. She is currently working on getting four molars, all at the same time. She still has only four teeth on top and three on the bottom (huh?) and now she's cutting MOLARS. It looks insanely painful and she is cranky much of the time. The other night she bit me several times while we were sleeping/nursing. However, she is totally adorable. She waves to just about everyone who makes eye contact with her. She has words for kitty, mommy, daddy, isaac, amen and thank you. She loves to put buckets on her head and crawl around with them on. She laughs and laughs while she does it. She also is a clean freak and "wipes" everything. She will take towels and washcloths from the drawers and wipe herself, the floor, chairs, baby dolls etc. She's even happier to wipe things with a wet wipe and today she managed to steal a wet wipe from the container during diaper change and was attempting to wipe her own bottom!

Talia is having more Leila adjustment issues. I can't seem to give the child enough attention. For a while we had a break with the only Mommyitis, but it's back and in full force. "Mommmmmmeeeeee, I want to beeeeeee with youuuuuuuuuuu." She's been doing lots and lots of cooking with me. Today she and Isaac helped me clean and stem two bunches of spinach. And it's not all bad that she's been inseperable from me because on Sunday I tried to set the house on fire and if Talia hadn't seen it, it would have been a much larger confligration. I had used a towel to take a lid off a pan. I set the lid with towel on top on the back burner (it was off) but a bit of the towel was hanging off the lid and the front burner caught it on fire. Talia said "Mommy there is flames." I thought she was talking about the flames that are the burner, so I said "oh, uhuh." And she said "No, there are flames Mommy, come here and see." So I stepped next to her and said "okay, show me the flames." And there they were. So I grabbed the towel and set it in the sink. Talia said "You do not catch the towel on fire and make flames. That is not good." She's right and thank goodness she saw it. But she was totally nonplussed. I have gotten a stern lecture, from her, about it each night while cooking dinner. She has had another subtle language change and is now carrying on conversations much more indepth. She also uses "mommmy, hey, mommy" a lot, to get my attention.

While GranEde and GranDude were here, we switched the teaching handle from Elie's bike to Isaac's. (It's a handle that attaches below the seat and sticks out above/behind the bike to allow the helping adult to stand up straight and run behind the bike as opposed to leaning over, holding the seat and running behind the bike.) He was thrilled and we took him on a couple long learning rides/walks. His balance is really good, but he is easily distracted. I really don't think it will be long until he can do it by himself, but we'll see.

Elie's been riding her bike like a pro. She is a bit rough on the starting, but it is usually due to her being in a hurry and not focusing on what she's doing. She got lots of practice last week and I'm hoping to be able to keep it up! She's having another bossy explosion and we're still working on ways to handle it. It's rough. But she continues to be observant and totally curious. She was asking me the other day, "when Leila is 22 how old will I be?" I said "28" and she said "I'll be old enough to do lots of things....Like wear a watch!"

I'm sure there are other stories I wanted to tell, like how Elie went to a birthday party and the next day the mother of the celebrant called and told me quite a few stories about how mature Elie was, or how Isaac cannot sit still and is such a stereotypical boy, or how Talia is incredibly cute. But now it is late. And I have to be the mom tomorrow, or more accurately later tonight.

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