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Thursday, March 27, 2008

First First Firsts

Yesterday morning Leila was intently watching Isaac eat his yogurt with his spoon. She leaned over and watched him sooooo closely. The next bite of yogurt I offered her, she grabbed the spoon and guided it into her mouth. So I decided to give her a learning spoon (curved handle, big spoon part, rubbery grip) and give her so yogurt in a bowl. It was a hit! There she was, eating with a spoon just like a big kid. She would dip the spoon in and jam it into her mouth and suck all the yogurt off. Of course, she soon figured out that dipping her fingers in the yogurt and sucking them off was just as fun, BUT she was feeding herself with a spoon for the First Time!

The rest of the day was absolutely gorgeous weather and so as soon as we were home from picking up Isaac and running an errand, I set the kids outside. Leila had a blast crawling around on the deck and exploring that new scenery. There was some whining and begging to come inside (which I could not figure out because it was BEAUTIFUL) and I finally consented to opening the sand box. After I finished what I was doing inside, I took Leila and we went out to the sand box. It was the first time she had been in sand. Ah those new sensory experiences. I put her down in the sand and she immediately picked up her hands and then tried to pick up her feet. She did NOT want to touch the stuff. (It reminded me of the first time we set Elie down in grass. She leaned back slightly and picked up her legs, so she was balancing on her bottom only. The grass apparently felt way, way too weird.) But then she got into it and was digging and banging and having a great time. She did end up eating some, unententionally, and was really unhappy about that. Rubber mulch she doesn't mind consuming, but sand she doesn't like. Who knew?

After a while the sand lost its appeal and I picked her up. Then I remembered that we have a baby swing that came with the swingset. The swings are the most popular item on the swingset and I knew that I didn't want to take one down to put up a swing for Leila. We already have demand vs supply issues on that front and I didn't want to make the bickering worse. So I looked around and found a branch that I could put the swing on. Up it went and in Leila was deposited. She loved, loved, loved it. She was in the swing for half an hour or more, just sitting and enjoying the view.

And speaking of New Experiences. I'd like to send Congratulations to Mike, Ping and Graham about the arrival of their New Experience, Dean. He was born March 7th at 4:23, weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long!!! We are so excited that such an awesome family has added another member. Enjoy your Baby Moon, Ping and Mike, and Welcome Earthside, Dean.

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