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Friday, March 28, 2008

Science Experiments

Last fall Elie was invited to a birthday party. It was at a place called "Curiosity Zone." It's a destination party place. They have different programs with different themes. So the party that Elie was at was a science themed party. They did some science experiments with vinegar and baking soda (and some other things, but Elie was a little spotty on the details). For the party favor, each child got to take home a set of plastic lab equipment for doing their own experiments at home. Included was a bendy straw, test tube, large beaker, funnel and a pipette. Elie brought the things home and was very excited to do her own "science experiments."

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. It was a quiet afternoon and Elie asked if she could get out her equipment for some "science experiments." Turns out this meant she wanted to play in the sink with some water. I said okay, thinking that it was a great way for them to entertain themselves. And it was. They played very nicely for a really long time.

It took a lot of self restraint for me to not go in there and moderate/direct what was going on. There was a lot of laughing, some bossing and grabbing, and a lot of water mess happening. But I held my tongue and just let them do their thing.

At one point I poked my head in to see what was going on and Isaac and Talia were sitting on the bathroom counter with their feet in the sink, which was filled with water. Talia had the bendy straw through the funnel (so it was poking out the bottom) and leaned over and took a big drink of the water in the sink! Then she handed the funnel/straw contraption to Isaac and he took a drink! BLARGHGHGHGHG. I about died laughing/gagging. It was the bathroom sink and they had their feet in the water!! I asked if everyone had been drinking the water out of the sink and they all said that yes, they had been drinking it. I asked them not to drink it anymore and reminded them they had to clean up all the mess when they were done. Then I left them to play some more.

Whew. That is a science experiment, but I don't think it's the one the kids had in mind!

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