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Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby On My Back

Lately Leila has been needing her afternoon nap a little more regularly. However, she doesn't really like to go down for a nap. She. Hates. Napping. When I try to get her down, if there is the slightest noise (like it's ever completly silent in the middle of the day in THIS house) she will not go to sleep. She hits herself, hits me, pinches me, squirms, laughs, pokes her finger in my nose, in her eyes etc etc etc. But if she doesn't get a little sleep in the afternoon she's a bear while I'm trying to make dinner, a beast by the time we're eating dinner and a complete mess right up until she falls asleep. So I've taken to wearing her in the Ergo (a soft baby carrier) while I'm making dinner. She gets a bit of a nap, I get some quiet to make dinner and we're all happier.

I was thinking about baby wearing on Friday, as she was sleeping on my back, while I had two hands free to make dinner. It amazes me that people, in general, are so amazed that I can get anything done. I guess I don't understand what is so amazing. How do they think that pioneer women, slave women, cave women were able to continue the species AND take care of themselves and their families? They had their babes, breastfed them and carried them around. They didn't take six weeks off, they probably didn't take a week off; they popped 'em out and got on with the business of living. So it's not really so amazing that I can get anything done. I'm just doing what generations of mothers have done before me. There's nothing better than a contented babe hanging out or sleeping on mom or dad, while mom/dad get other tasks accomplished. What's more amazing is that I don't get *more* done!

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  1. What always amazes me about babywearing is that people are always so surprised to see a baby being carried that way, as if I'm come up with this novel idea. "Wow, what a great idea!!!" Seriously, do people think pack'n'plays and baby buckets were in existence for the last gazillion years?