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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sometimes Single Mommy

Adam left on Sunday for three weeks. Yeah, three weeks. Three weeks of single mommyhood. We're only on night four, but things are going alright. Talia has asked every.single.time. we've driven by the airport (which happens twice a day) if we are going to pick up Daddy. And I have to answer no, every time.

During the day, during the week it's not *really* such a big deal that he is gone. He'd normally be at work, so we just do our normal routine. Getting ready for dinner, dinner and bedtime are all really, really tough. It's the end of the day, everyone is cranky (including yours truly), everyone is worn out and everyone deals with those feelings in a different way. Isaac tends to mess around (like you couldn't have figured that out) and get hyper in other people's space, Talia tends to space out and Elie tends to just get extra bossy. Then there's little Leila, who is often cranky and tired and wants to just do whatever she wants to do, ie if I let her have her toothbrush she REFUSES to let go of it and screams if I take it away. I'm trying to corral and wrangle everyone into completing three little tasks...pottying, teeth brushing and getting dressed for bed. It seems like such a small sequence of events, but it takes like 45 mins. Seriously. It can be extremely painful. But it can also go remarkably smoothly, if I can take a deep breath and just remind myself that they need reminding and nudging.

They are so cute when they are finally ready for bed and winding down from the day. All sorts of information comes spilling out. It's like their little minds are reviewing what happened during the day and trying to process it, either for permanant remembering or for discarding. On Monday one of Isaac's classmates brought her hampsters in to class for show and tell. Monday evening Isaac revealed to us that they "had their own languuuuage. They went squeak squeak squeeeeek." He also did a little demonstration about how they ran around and how he and his classmates got to hold them. Of course, he didn't share any of that information when I picked him up from school. But I was glad he shared it, better late than never. Elie often picks tuck-in-time to do her discussing. When I am not EveryParent, I try and take a little time to talk with her. She often comes up with fascinating observations and comments on the day. When I am EveryParent, I try and make time for just her, earlier in the day. Currently Talia doesn't understand why I won't let her have her sleepers anymore (it's too warm and she bakes and then takes them off and then gets cold) and so we've been trying to process that....At bedtime, when we're thinking about sleepers and unable to sleep wearing anything else....

So, I'm off to bed. EveryParent has to take care of everything, all the time. But he'll be home, faster than we know it, and there are much worse situations to be in than sometimes-single-mommy.

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