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Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Had Sprung

Well, really spring HAS sprung, but you wouldn't know it from the weather the last couple days. The end of last week was glorious, truly. It was seventy and deliciously warm, with sunny blue skies. The kids were jazzed because they were able to wear shorts, sundresses and sandals! But yesterday and today it's been downright chilly. Today it was 10 degrees cooler than average, not warm, that's for sure. However, even this brief foray into cooler temperatures was not enough to dampen our outdoors loving childrens' enthusiasm for, well, going outdoors.

We stayed to play at the preschool playground today and then we headed to the Wegman's. When we got there, I managed to lock my keys in the van (henceforth known as "Odz"). Well, not too big of a deal because it was 2:15 or so and I thought that I could waste enough time with the kids that Adam could just swing by on the way home and let us in to the car. Between grocery shopping (which often takes over an hour) and playing at the new playground, I was pretty sure we could make do. And it worked out just fine.

We spent quite a while on the playground - Leila LOVES slides and Isaac was just hilarious with the other little kids. Elie went up to a boy and said "My name is Elie. What's yours?" He answered and they went on playing. Then Isaac decided that introducing himself was the way to go and so he started running after the group of kids saying, "My name's Isaac. My name's Isaac." Over and over again. Finally the same boy who Elie had introduced herself to turned to him and said "Hi Isaac. No time to talk, I have to get away from the monster." Talia spent most of the time wandering by herself. She doesn't quite get the group play dynamic yet. She also finds it necessary to check in with me occasionally. I think she's just making sure I'm still around, though she does enjoy playing with Leila and will come and play with her for little bits of time.

We left the playground and meandered through Wegmans to get our shopping done. We got our passover shopping done and our shopping for this week done. I thought Elie was going to have an apoplectic fit when I picked up a loaf of bread! "It's Passover next week. You can't have that in the house. We can't buy that!" I assured her that it would all be gone by Friday (or in the freezer where she can't see it) and told her that I would make sure she didn't accidentally eat any chametz (stuff you can't eat at Passover) during Passover. Holy cow, that kid has issues!

Adam came and let us into Odz. We loaded up and went home. The kids got a piece of candy from their huge birthday-party-goodie-bag-stash (blarg, another reason destination birthday parties bug me) and went outside. Where they played for a good hour, even though their little selves were practically frozen because of course you HAVE to wear sandals out, even if it is too cold.

I'm looking forward to it warming back up at the end of the week. I'm ready for fresh air all the time and shorts and t-shirts and playing outside. Lots. Oh and sunshine. I LOVE spring!

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