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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Huh? WHA?

Today was a good day, in the grand scheme of life. We had some scheduled activities (sunday school, a birthday party - the party was at Chuck E Cheese and if I NEVER go in there again it will be too soon, being there and the behavior that we were encouraging was completely against most of the values that Adam and I have deemed important ewwwwww) and some unscheduled time as well, do enjoy the beautiful weather. We're one week into Dadam being gone and we've gotten into a rhythm and we're doing pretty good.

Then Isaac drops this bomb on me while we're wrestling and having some fun together. "Mommy, are you and Daddy still married? Do you still love Daddy? Does Daddy still love us?" Huh!? WHA?!?!?!?!!??? I was so shocked that I didn't *really* know what the heck to say. I reassured him that I loved Daddy very much and that we ARE, indeed, still married. And that Daddy loves all of them very, very, very much. And that he was just gone because of work and that he would be coming home to us when his trip was over.

I have NO clue where he picked up that line of thinking. Well, I suppose that the impending divorce of Adam's parents may have made an impression on him, but somehow I doubt it. I doubt it because it has been months and months (like a year) since we talked about that situation. It's not that Isaac doesn't remember things, I just don't think of him as being that interested in most stuff that he pays enough attention to regurgutate it at a later date. I suppose this is proof that he IS paying attention and that he's just not announcing every, single, little, teensy, tiny thought that enters his mind...Like some children in this house *cough*elie*cough*

Now I'm really sad that he thought that, but I'm glad he asked. It's important for him to acknowledge that he desires knowledge and then ask. Adam was REALLY sad when I told him the story and so we're going to be sure and talk to him on the phone tomorrow. I'm going to try and ask some follow up questions to talk with Isaac a bit more and make sure that he's got the information he needs. But I'm also going to have to be careful not to create more of a situation by continuing to dredge up the subject.

Ah, parenting. Talk about being blindsided. Whew.

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