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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Presents

The other day Elie announced that Mother's Day was coming up. Then she said, "You know, I could make you breakfast on Mother's Day. What do you think you want?" And I said, "What do you think you could make?" And she said, "Oh, I could do yogurt or some cereal for you."

Isaac's class had a Mother's Day program on Friday. They sang a song and we got to eat lunch with them. Then they handed out the gifts they had made in class. They were so cute. And such fun gifts! There was a terra cotta pot, painted and made into a pen holder. They made some pens with decorations and one with a picture of Isaac on it. They had put the decorations and the picture on the end, sticking off of it. They also made a key chain that the kids strung the beads on. It was so much fun! Elie made a present at school also and was so excited by seeing Isaac give his presents that she wanted to give hers on Friday. I told her that I wanted to wait until Sunday, so that I'd have something to open then! She has hardly been able to keep quiet about it and has been giving me *hints* about what it is. It's been soooo cute! I'm excited to open it tomorrow.

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