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Friday, May 23, 2008

Road Trip!

Whoooohooooo! We are currently in TN for a friend's wedding. We drove yesterday and a little bit today. The kids did alright in the car, though Leila is definitely in the hating-the-car-for-long-periods-of-time stage. In my experience, once they get mobile, they realize that they should be moving about and not stuck in a car seat for hours on end. It's a logical and sensible conclusion, but it makes road tripping really unpleasant at times. Anyway, we got through it and arrived to complete and utter chaos. It's controlled chaos and it is working towards a purpose (the wedding on Sunday) but it is a bit difficult to be thrown into. All that being the case, the kids are handling it admirably.

They got to have yummy lunch with just Daddy while I attended a bridal shower (I hate those damn things). They got to run around in someone's backyard and play with plastic silverware (I love how they can be entertained with the most simple items). And they got to go the pool at the hotel!

Ah, the hotel. We had originally talked and made reservations at a local Comfort Inn. Nothing spectacular, but someplace clean and good enough to sleep. Somewhere along the way Adam decided that he was going to use his Hilton Rewards and surprise me with a much nicer hotel stay. So we arrived here today and we pulled into the hotel parking lot and I was extremely confused. But I caught up pretty fast! The hotel is really niiiiiiice. And we even have a suite, so the kids are in another room for sleeping. It's not that I don't like to be around them when we're sleeping, but we don't usually sleep in one room and they are noisy sleepers, so when we have to sleep together, it can be difficult. I could get pretty darn spoiled. My husband is such a sweetie for surprising me this way!

One funny part of the whole situation is that the kids didn't understand why I was so surprised/excited by the hotel. When I tried to explain that this was a nicer hotel, it mostly went over their heads. But when we got up to the room, Elie was going on and on about all the *nice* things that the room had. She was so effusive and so excited about the whole situation. "Mommy, look at this chair. It's so nice and big. You can sit and nurse Leila and it will be so comfortable. Isn't this nice! Oh and look over here, there are two rooms. You guys will sleep in there and we'll sleep out here. Isn't this nice?" And Talia kept exclaiming "Yep, Daddy, you are got a pwetty gweat hotel. You are a gweat picker. You are a gweat guy."

Tomorrow there is more chaos on the schedule, punctuated by eating, playing and visiting. I'm just hoping with some strategic nap scheduling on our part, we can avoid major meltdowns. We'll see!

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