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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We made it through our incredibly hectic weekend and back home. We arrived last night at 11:30 and hustled everyone inside and into their beds. Then Adam and I did a quick unload to retrieve toiletries and electronics and then we hit the sack as well. The drive was alright, though it seemed like there were tons of crazies out and I was happy to be home. Upshot of the weekend is that our friends got married, the kids did a great job as flower girls and ring bearer and we were happy to be there to see the whole shebang.

Saturday was a packed day. We had services in the morning, then rehearsal for the wedding, then a rest period, then dinner and live music. The kids did great through the rehearsal. The home where the wedding was taking place, is a gorgeous house with lots of acreage, mostly forest. The kids had a blast running around and playing in the out-of-doors. After all that was done, we decided that we'd go back to the hotel and take advantage of the pool.

Isaac was in charge of the bathing suit/swim toys bag. (We'd taken it with us on the off chance that there would be an opportunity for the kids to play in the sprinklers while we were at the rehearsal, but there wasn't.) We went into the hotel, he was still holding the bag. We got into the elevator, he was still holding the bag. We got off the elevator and forgot about the bag. So, when we got back to the room and decided that we really did have time (and energy) to go to the pool, none of us could find the Very Important bag. We took the room apart and drew the conclusion that it had been left on the elevator. Off Adam went to retrieve it. After a very looooong wait, he came back empty handed.

The elevator that Isaac had left the bag in was broken. Yes. Out of the three elevators, the one that was broken was the one holding our bag. And there was no way to get in it. The maintenance people couldn't even get it open. BLARGH. So, out went the swimming plan. Ah well. We started to get dressed and Adam needed to get something from the car, so he went out and came back with the bag. Thank goodness it was out, but there was no time for swimming. We got dressed and went to dinner.

Talia was so tired that, during dinner, she flat passed out. It was amazing how asleep she was. Leila was way tired, also, but she will. not. go to sleep if we are out. So I took her out of the dinner place and we danced in the hallway (an adorable bouncing up and down to the music) and she practiced walking and standing. This weekend she figured out how to stand up, while NOT holding on to anything. It is so adorable to see.

Anyway, after dinner the kids were supposed to get a chance to paint a ceramic piece (as a thank-you gift for being in the wedding). With Talia passed out I didn't see how Adam and I were going to pull that off. But poor Elie was so sad about not getting to paint, we decided to wake Talia up and I'd take her and Leila to the car while Adam finished dinner and got Elie and Isaac painting. But as soon as I got Talia to the car, she said "When do I get to paint?" Oh my. Back inside we went, she had some dinner and then the three Bigs got to paint their ceramic pieces. It really turned out just fine, but sometimes when they are tired (and we are too) I wish we could/would just throw in the towel and give up on the situation.

Sunday was the day of the wedding and we ate breakfast, had a nice long turn in the pool (over an hour) and then we all took a nap. Before lunch! The kids (and Dadam and I) were so tired that everyone fell asleep for an hour and a half. We gathered everything we needed for the wedding, ate lunch, and headed to the wedding location. Fast forward through several hours of everyone running around like chickens with their heads' cut off, getting kids and us dressed in VERY formal attire, nursing Leila in said formal attire (note to other nursing moms: formal halter = get naked to nurse), and finally getting on with the wedding. The kids did just what they were supposed to when they walked down the aisle. Elie and Talia were tossing petals and when they got to me, they both wanted to go back and finish emptying their baskets. "But Mommy, I'm not done. I have to go back. I still have petals!" Leila was very interested in toddling over to the musicians or Dadam, so I had to walk to the periphery with her. But we managed not to be too much of a distraction.

Come the end of the evening (after 9 PM) our kids were turning into pumpkins, so we left the party early. I had gotten Leila to sleep and she was laying on a blanket in the grass near our table, but when the loud dance music started, she woke up. It was time to go, The Bigs were too overwhelmed by the loud music and late hour anyway. Afterwards, it occurred to me that we could have gotten the kids to sleep in the house (the hostess was kind enough to let us use one of the bedrooms) and then Dadam and I could have taken shift work, so that we could enjoy the party more. But then we wouldn't have gotten to enjoy it together, so it probably all worked out for the best.

Whew...I'm exhausted just recounting the whole thing. Or maybe it was the six hours of sleep I got last night.

Today we tried to get back in the routine of things. We also managed to get outside and plant our gardens!! YAY for summer! I don't know if anything is going to grow. I took the completely lazy and unreliable route of just sticking seeds in the ground. We planted five varieties of small tomato, five varieties of larger tomato, cantaloupe, peppers and two kinds of carrots. They are all heirloom seeds and I'm crossing my fingers that we get at least a little homegrown deliciousness from the gardens. I suppose if we're going to be doing this every year AND actually wanting to have reliable harvest, I should learn how to do it right. But I think I have a couple years because we probably will be moving next summer and won't be able to have a garden then. The kids are totally excited and so that's another reason I hope we get reasonable returns. It's fun to have them so excited about it!

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