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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Report

First, quite exciting news - our gardens have sprouts!!!! Today we saw carrot sprouts, cantaloupe sprouts and tomato sprouts! Whoohooo. Of course, this is a far cry from getting vegetables out of the ground/off the plant, but it is farther than we were a week ago when we put the seeds in the ground. The kids, okay and I, are totally excited about seeing the little sprouts. Now we just have to put up our protective fences so that the bunny rabbit colony that lives in our backyard won't eat the little sprouts.

Second, Leila has now had a language explosion. Apparently now that the walking skill is well in hand - or, uh, foot - (ie she can stand back up w/out holding on to anything, turn corners and walk up and down inclines), Leila's brain has now decided that in order to be a Big, she needs to talk. So she is. This weekend and today she's been working on these words: ball, eye, hi, me, bye, ehyee (elie), izzy (isaac), mamama (for me), dadada (for adam), uhpah (up) and various others. She said dada for the first time when she was standing on the porch last Friday and wanted Adam to come pick her up. She walked to the edge and yelled "dada dada dada dada" until he came over and picked her up. She was so excited to use it, that when she was in the sandbox with The Bigs, she would stand up and yell just to see him come running. Oh it is SO CUTE! This morning she was playing with his watch and saying dada over and over and over again.

Uhhhh and what else.....We've had some really nice days lately. Sunday we went to a celebration for Israel's 60th Birthday on the National Mall. We had such a fun time and it was so good to be a family. When I asked Isaac what his favorite part was, he answered "riding the Metro." Yesterday we did a big arts and craft project with Isaac's class from school. I purchased shirts for the class and all the kids got to paint a shirt. At the same time we put handprints on some nice canvas bags for the teachers. I'm super excited about the bags, they turned out so well. And the kids had a GREAT time making shirts for themselves. It was a little chaotic and my kids didn't get any personalized attention from me, so yesterday afternoon we took their shirts out into the back yard and they got a chance to work on them, with Adam and I available. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to be in the backyard as a family. Today was also a good day. Grocery shopping in the morning with just Leila and Talia, playing in the backyard with everyone in the afternoon, making yummy dinner, watching Elie make a *show* with the castle and its inhabitants, dinner, bath and bedtime - whew, what a day!

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