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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Begins

Whew. We are slowly winding down from the frenzy that was the school year and ramping up for the frenzy that is our summer travel schedule.

Last Friday Isaac graduated from preschool. It was a really nice little ceremony, but I'm pretty sure he really didn't get much out of it. He seemed mostly inconvenienced by having to sit still for so long, but happy about the cool cupcakes made to look like mortarboards. Elie is finishing her last full week of school and has two more days next week. I think that she has said how sad she is to be done with school, every single day this week. I told her I thought there would be plenty to keep her busy over the summer, but she insists that she will desperately miss school. I have to say that it has been so nice to NOT drive Isaac to school this week. We get Elie on the bus, eat some breakfast and have tons of time to get things done around the house or even run an errand or two, before we get Elie back.

Elie is having an ice cream sundae party tomorrow at school. But she was so funny because she thought it was an ice cream SUNDAY, meaning she would have to go to school on the weekend. "Do I have to go to school on Sunday for the ice cream?" At first I didn't understand, so she said "You know, for the ice cream Sunday?" Tee hee. It was so, so cute. Then today in the car, Isaac told her that she wasn't having ice cream sundae at school, she was having ice cream Friday because she was eating the ice cream on Friday! Ah language.

Elie has finally decided that reading is a really cool thing to do. She now has her nose in a book all.the.time. I really wanted to encourage this love of reading, so we purchased her a clip-on-light for her bed and she is allowed to read for a few minutes after we tuck her in. I was a bit skeptical that she would police herself without us having to stick our heads in and tell her that it was time for lights out, but she's been fabulous about the whole thing. She picks a book and quietly reads to herself for 10 mins or so. Then it's out with the light and snuggle down for sleep. She amazes me with how responsible she is. And I love how in love with reading she is. It was such a struggle to get her to read at the beginning of the year. Now she reads EVERYTHING...gas station signs, menus, newspapers, bumperstickers...you get the picture. But really, I love it.

We've also discovered jokes. Which, for the record, are darn hard to explain. What is a fly with no wings? A walk. Now please, take a moment and try, just try, to explain why that is funny. Why does that elicit a chuckle? Then try and explain what a pun is. Just for good measure. Because I had to try and explain those things this evening. voice from bathroom: "Mommy, what's a play on words?" "Uhhhh, Elie, it is the same thing as a pun. Which is...uhhhh..ummm." Several examples and some discussion later, I'm pretty sure I've managed not to explain anything.

Speaking of reading, Isaac has managed to make our lives completely easy in that regard. He has picked up reading so easily and painlessly. There is a story that my Nana tells about my father. Dad would go outside to play with his friends, then he would come back in to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. Some time later the friend would come to the door and ask Nana if my dad could come back out. My Nana would go looking for Dad, only to find that he was off reading something, having completely forgotten that he was playing. This is Isaac. To a T. I wandered by his classroom one day while free play was going on. There he was, everyone else playing something, and he was completely absorbed in the books. He was carefully reading each one to himself; I could see his little lips moving while he read. I don't know what happened there, but we sure did luck out. And he is really excited about kindergarten. Nervous, but excited.

Last Saturday we went to our friends' house for some water fun. The kids had a blast. Talia really surprised me with how fearless she was. They had a tall inflatable water slide set up and she was loving it. She was just light enough that she would shoot off the end and into the pool, every single time. And she loved it! Unfortunately, then she gets a sense that she is unhurtable and then crashes around even more than she usually does. That poor child has absolutely no sense of where her body is. It is sometimes painful to watch. She crashes around and into things willy nilly. I know where she gets it, but I wish I hadn't shared that genetic trait. Ah well, she is a bit of a daredevil AND she is pretty hearty for all the crashing around.

Leila continues to move forward with language. She's quite the talker, even though most of the time the rest of us really have no clue exactly what she's saying. Monolouges seem to be her specialty as of late and she'll lecture anyone. She's deadly serious about whatever it is she's talking about.

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