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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crazy Colorado

We had such a blast visiting Colorado. We got to visit with and spent time with a huge number of our extended family! It was so much fun. We hit the zoo with Nana and Papa (the kids' great-grandparents). We made a visit to my mother's family cabin (with great-grandmother and great aunt), located in the foothills of the Rockies just west of Ft. Carson. We hiked and saw waterfalls, played at the playground with the kids cousins, went up Pikes Peak, toured through Cave of the Winds (where we *finally* got to see what stalactites and stalagmites are) and ate and laughed and played catch and had a wonderful visit. It was marvelous to see so much family and spend so much quality time with them, having experiences together, laughing and loving.

One thing I really noticed was how much adult attention the kids got, and it wasn't just from the extended family around us. It was so much fun to not have to worry about taking care of anything else but us. We did have to think a bit ahead about meals, but really, there was *nothing* else to worry about. We played and laughed and goofed off. We got to spend hours just hanging out with the kids and chatting with other adults. It was really, truly, quite relaxing. The last night, we arrived to an empty house (Adam's Aunt and Uncle had already left for a trip) and Isaac began to cry. He said, "It's no fun with no body here. I want to stay in Colorado, I don't want to go home." And I understood, completely. I didn't want to go home either.

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