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Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks On The Mall

After we got home from Colorado on Wednesday, we had a resting day on Thursday and Friday we got started adventuring again! Adam's cousin and his family were here from Arkansas, so we met them to do some sightseeing, hanging out and enjoying the fireworks. We had a great time. We started off at the Air and Space Museum annex, which is about 20 mins from our house. Then we had lunch and headed downtown on the Metro, at about 3:00. The deal with seeing the fireworks on the National Mall is that you are there with half a million of your closest friends, so you have to get down there early if you want to get a good spot.

So there we were, six hours early to the fireworks. But, no biggie, we went to the museum of Natural History and spent the afternoon visiting and wandering around there. The kids had a great time with Adam's cousin's kids and we had a great time visiting. Around dinner time we headed outside (where one rain shower had already passed through) and found a great spot to eat dinner and watch the show. We had a spot to eat and then....it started raining again. We hadn't brought any supplies (ie umbrellas, coats etc) because we were already loaded down with food and snacks for our long wait. Ah well, a little rain just adds to the adventure, right? It drizzled on and off until the fireworks started at 9:15. But it was all worth the wait! They were amazing and it was so cool to be right there, next to the Washington Monument, holding Talia (who was covering her ears the entire time) and trying to convince Leila to sit down (she wanted to touch the fireworks and kept trying to walk towards them, while giving us all an intense lecture). We had a blast!

We hung out a bit after the fireworks, to let most of our half a million friends get to the Metro first, and then we set out. Talia was in a packer on Adam's back, I had Leila on my front and Elie and Isaac were super troopers keeping up with the adults. After a walk, some waiting, more walking, more waiting, getting on the Metro and waiting some more we finally got back to the car. We got home at midnight. But everyone had a great time and I don't think anyone was sorry we went!

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