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Monday, July 14, 2008

I'd Love You To Love Me

Missy Leila is quite the talker these days. Well, it probably sounds much like babble to the average listener, but there are definitely some sound patterns with word associations forming. It is amazing to hear what her little brain is processing as *important*. She'll say "meeeee" when she's hungry, because when I ask the kids who is ready to eat, they all say "me" in chorus. She says "laeelah" for Talia and "eeleee" for Elie and "eyzzzzee" for Isaac. She says Mommy and Daddy clear as day. Up is a bit more muddled, it comes out more as "hupah" or "uuuupah", but there is certainly no question about what it is that she needs when she's saying it! She has a sound for outside, "ide", and a sound for slide, "wheeee". She recently started saying "ummmy" for yummy. I know there are more, but my brain seems to be stuck right now. Suffice to say that verbal communication is progressing, quickly!

She also loves giving out loves. She regularly comes up to us and hugs our legs, or leans in for a kiss if we are sitting down. She also approaches The Bigs for hugs and loves with an intensity that is adorable. The hugs are always long and full contact and seem to be enjoyable for all parties involved.

I suppose it is no surprise that she idolizes, adores and desperately seeks to be Big just like The Bigs all day, every day. Tonight at dinner I saw her, mid-chew, seeing that Talia was taking a drink, decide that it was time to take one for herself. She likes to pick out clothes for herself, even better that they almost always come from Elie's drawers. And if The Bigs are doing something, going somewhere, eating or drinking, Leila needs to be in on the action.

Possibly even sweeter than her idolization, is their desire to include her, show her, play with her and love her right back. They are always clamoring to help her or show her. They love to help her with her shoes or hold her hand or share their snacks. They are (mostly) quiet when she goes down for her nap and always excited when she wakes up. They have learned to play with her when they can and around her when they are moving faster than she is. But they always want to be near her.

I suppose it warms my heart so, not only because that is what a parent desires for their children, but also because there is that question mark that hangs in the air whenever someone *new* joins a family. I was worried about how The Bigs would react. Would Talia feel displaced? Would Elie feel too much responsibility? Would Isaac learn to love his role if he were the only boy? Would everyone get along? Well, things are going beautifully. And I fervently hope, that these days of unconditional love and endless fun and silliness, will make a foundation for the days when life is not so rosy between my babes. I love how they love each other so completely. And I love them.

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