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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's That Time Again

The alarms went off, the children leapt out of bed (well, not really, Elie did, but Isaac just laid there while his alarm went from beep beep to "hurry up and wake up and turn me off before I blow up" mode), breakfast was eaten and off we went to the bus stop!

Elie was excited but guarded. New experiences leave her feeling overwhelmed, in the beginning, and this was no exception. Isaac was beaming, ear to ear, and so happy to *finally* be going on the bus to school. There was a brief moment where a flicker of concern passed across his face, but then the bus was there and Elie took his hand and together they walked across the street and got on to the bus. As it pulled away, I could see his face, just barely poking above the window, smiling his huge smile, excited to be experiencing school, the universe and everything.

From all accounts they each had a great day. Isaac said school was fun, but boring, and Elie just said that she loved everything and that it was all her favorite. As for me, I had a couple of tears when the kids stepped on to the bus. Some tears for my boy, who seems so small still in so many ways, but is clearly well on his way to being Big. And some tears for my girl, who I cannot believe is growing up so amazingly, right before my eyes. Summer was a fabulous time and I'm gonna miss having them around all day everyday, at least a little bit. And it is strange to think that 50% of my brood now attends public school. I'm still wrapping my head around that.

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