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Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh My....

Some of us, in this family, have a bit of a temper problem. Alright, alright, you guessed it, I'm the one between Adam and I who has this issue. So it should come as no surprise to me that some of our children lean towards my disposition. And it is no surprise that every child goes through a stage where they experiment with temper-tantrums, some of them grow out of it and some of them just don't. Elie and Talia both went through the stage and emerged from the other side. Isaac went through the stage and some of it stuck with him. Leila seems to be headed to the start of the stage and I think she's the worst I've seen.

For a while she was just screaming when she didn't get her way. We've now progessed to the full blown, fling our body, throw back our head, bang our head on the floor, hit, flail, wail and gnash our teeth stage. Oh My......

If, for instance, I need to move her physically from one place to another and she decides that she doesn't want to do that, then her legs turn to jelly and she becomes magically unable to walk. If I decide that she needs to sit in my lap, she throws herself around, desperately trying to fall out of my lap. (Yesterday at the drs office she threw her head backwards and hit it on the arm of the chair. I had very little sympathy for her.) She will often, when we tell her no, throw herself to the floor, lean forward and bang her forehead on the ground. Lovely, no?

I don't want to give in to it because I really, really don't want these behaviors to stick around. I just hope she moves through this stage quickly. I dislike it to the extreme.

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