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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Today He Is One Hand!

Yes, the boy-about-town, Isaac, turned five today. And what a day it was. He got to bring brownies to school to celebrate with his class. (He requested brownies and I spruced 'em up a bit with crumbled oreo's. He said it was a good surprise.) While at school he got a crown, which he was wearing when he got home and proceeded to wear the rest of the day. (I'm not kidding.) He got to play with his sisters outside for most of the afternoon and then the day was capped off with a delicious birthday dinner of mac'n'cheese, salmon patties and freezer vegetables, opening presents and a transformers birthday cake. (see above) The cake was exactly as he requested it. "I want a transformers birthday cake, with transformers on the top that I can take off and play with." (I was concerned in the beginning that he wanted a cake in the shape of a transformer, the reality was much less detailed - thank goodness!)

I teased him most of the day about there not being any cake. He took it well. At one point we were discussing it and he said "There's no way there is none cake for my birthday, Mom!"

And now he's five. He's so big and so smart. But this birthday doesn't seem like such a transition. He's started school and it just seems like a natural extension of that beginning to have this birthday and be a new, bigger age.

I don't think I ever wrote down this boy's birth-day story. So once again, if details about a human entering earthside bothers you - don't read any further. And don't worry, after I write Elie's in the spring there won't be any other birth stories to tell. ; )

When I got pregnant with Isaac we weren't sure where we were going to deliver. I knew that I did NOT want to deliver at a hospital. But there were very few options in Colorado Springs at the time. There were a few direct entry midwives and that was about it. We really didn't know what to do. Then our friend told us that she was starting a practice that was going to do homebirth. And she offered to be the attending at our birth. Adam was still not sure about the whole homebirth situation, so we said we'd think about it.

Then Adam got deployed. It was a voluntary deployment, but he was going to be gone for three and a half months. He was scheduled to get home about three weeks before the baby was due. So we put off the decision about where we were going to deliver and focused on making plans for Elie and I during Adam's deployment.

The short story is that Elie and I took the three cats and dog and drove to Oregon with my father to live with my parents while Adam was gone. It was marvelous to be with them and hard to be away from Adam, but we managed. A week before Adam was coming home Dad and I drove back to Colorado and got Elie and me settled back at home.

As soon as Adam got home we realized we had a care issue. Where was I going to deliver? Who was going to take care of me? Several trips to the civilian OB practice I had been sent to for care convinced me that unless my life or the baby's was in danger, I did NOT want them touching me. So we decided to take Tracy up on her offer of attending the delivery. I was still very nervous about birth. Could I really do it? I had had an epidural for Elie's delivery, would I be able to handle labor? Would I know when I was in labor soon enough to call the midwife? She was coming from Denver, would she make it in time?

Adam had two weeks off work, which was lovely. He got readujsted to living with a toddler and Elie and I got reajusted to living with him and in our house again. Then he went back to work. I was still 12 days from my due date.

Then 10 days from my due date, I woke up and didn't feel all that well. I was just draggy and tired and I just didn't feel good. In the early morning I lost a large chunk of mucus plug. In the early afternoon I lost an even larger chunck of mucus plug. Elie went down for a nap and I laid down to get some rest, but I couldn't get comfortable and started having some light contractions. I called Adam to come home because they were starting to get a little more intense and I wanted him to take care of Elie. He came home and I hung out in the shower, then out, then back in. While I was in the shower I became convinced that my water had broken, but my contractions did not pick up at all. We called Tracy and she said that it could be a while still. She was planning on having dinner with her family and then she would head down. We made the bed and started setting up the water tub. (I was going to try and have a water birth.) I was still having regular contractions, but I was still talking through them and feeling alright. We called my parents at some point and my mom said that she was getting on a plane as soon as she could. Then my contractions started to pick up. First I walked during them and then I started sitting in the lazy-boy and rocking through them. The contractions would be really intense and then move to less intense, but there was never a break in between. I was dealing with it by zoning out and just letting the contractions happen. It was very surreal and I still feel like I was having an out of body experience. Adam fed Elie dinner and got her to bed. I remember her coming up to me and rubbing my knee, but Adam just explained what was going on and she took it in stride. I also talked to my Mom while she was waiting to take off. At that point, I did not think she was going to make it to the birth.

Contractions became more intense and I moved upstairs. I tried to get in the tub, but our water heater couldn't keep up and the water was cold and not very deep. I got frantic and hopped out. I sat on the toilet and moaned. I remember telling Adam that I needed Tracy to get there soon, I didn't think I was going to be able to do this much longer.

Tracy and her assistant arrived. I told Tracy I couldn't do it and she said "But, Olivia, you are doing it. Your body is doing it." We moved to the bed and Tracy checked me. It was so uncomfortable to be laying back on the bed. Tracy suggested I try and push, but I wanted to stand up.

I stood up and grabbed the edge of the birthing tub. I pushed once and my water broke (for real this time) and gushed everywhere. I pushed again and out slid Isaac Uri. 8lbs 3oz, 21 inches long. It was 9:02 pm. The first words I said were that I wasn't cooking for the bris. I guess I wanted everyone to know that. I sat back and I held him in my arms. He had a huge bruise on his head. And he had a head full of fine, bright red peach fuzz. He was perfect.

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