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Monday, October 20, 2008

Keep Your Hands to YOURSELF

Isaac recently has gotten way overboard with Leila and touching her. He constantly wants to be in her face, giving her hugs, holding her arms or other torture-like ways of physical contact. The other day I walked into the bathroom and he was knocking on her head, like one would knock on a door. Except he was doing it to her head. Worse, was that she was just standing there while he did it. Today he got home and laid down on her while she was sitting on the stairs and then, in a fit of non-impulse-control-mania, pinched her cheek from jawline to cheekbone. ARGHGHGHGHG.

I have asked him to keep his hands to himself. I have asked him to leave Leila alone. I have used stronger words and tone and punitive action to see if I can get through to him. But it doesn't seem to be sinking in. So I told him tonight, that starting tomorrow, whatever he does to Leila, I'm going to do to him. We have talked at length about respecting space, respecting bodies, etc etc etc. None of it seems to be doing any good.

I'm not even sure what the heck is going on. He doesn't do this kind of stuff to Talia or Elie. He really seems to like Leila, so I don't think it is a case of rivalry or hard feelings. He talks sweetly to her, invites her to play with him, wants to help her and tries to make sure that she is alright. But then I catch him abusing her! I think it's just more impulse control stuff, but what is the right way to impress upon him that he really must keep his hands to himself????

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