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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night Of Literacy

Tonight was Elie's First Grade "Literacy Night." It is an evening when the parents come and get to see what the reading/spelling program is for the first grade and how it is implemented. I didn't go to Kindergarten Literacy Night last year, or this one, and I figured that it was important I showed my face so that the teacher understands that we are involved. Adam's Dad came and stayed with the kids so that I could go.

It was interesting in some ways, but I think it was really aimed at getting parents who are not involved, more involved. And I guess this is the age old issue with school. It's not a place you send your kids and they are taught everything they need to know and then they come home to you, with you having done nothing at all. I was raised in a house where this was not the opinion and, as a result, I realize the importance, necessity even, of learning and teaching outside of school.

So there I was, listening in. Another mother, who I am an aquaintance with, asked me how things were going and I said it was fine. She has two older children and I made some comment about how she must be hearing the same things for the third time. And she disgustedly replied "Yeah, it's the same problem everytime. They aren't going to teach my child how to read, I have to." She was practically spitting angry.

I was disgusted. Here these teachers are working with 18 other students and all their assorted behavioral problems, personality quirks, language issues and other various and sundry time draining stuff and still managing to teach. They already have plenty to teach these children, why shouldn't it be the responsiblity of the parent to take care of SOME OF THE TEACHING?????

I am thrilled with what I learned today. They are able to tailor the reading and word study programs to the level of the individual student. This means that they aren't just teaching to the lowest common denominator; my child will get the challenge that she needs.

All in all, I'm glad I went. My child's teacher is working hard and I am too. Come to think of it, so is Elie. And I am darn proud of her!

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