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Monday, October 6, 2008

On Going Goings On

Okay, okay. It's been too long since the last update. I just feel like there's the same old stuff going on day in and day out and it's just boring to write about. Or I'm too busy (lame excuse) or I fall asleep with the kiddos (more along the lines of what actually happens). At any rate, life here is doing its thing.

"Where is God?" - Talia
"Well, God is in the trees and the sky and the ground." - Adam
"So, if we dig in the ground, we'll find God!" - Talia
"We'll find God everywhere." - Adam
"And if we dig in the ground we'll find worms!!!" - Talia

Now that the weather has cooled off a bit and we are finding ourselves outside a lot more, Leila has decided that she is too big for the baby swing. But she LOVES the regular swing. She typically does pretty well on it, but sometimes she forgets that she ought to be holding on to it with two hands. Swinging on a swing becomes much harder when you let go with one hand and wave that hand around. She's only taken one digger and she managed (somehow) to land on her feet. She still only will swing on the regular swing, so I guess the need to keep up with her siblings is greater than her fear of falling off the swing.

Speaking of keeping up, Leila is doing all she can in that department. She is learning new words daily and new ways of communicating. Unfortunately, she's also picked up on the attention seeking behavior and has been experimenting with hitting, screaming and grabbing toys from her siblings. To wit, she learned how to say "sorry" today. Oh my.

Talia, too, has been experimenting with the attention getting behavior. If she cannot get Elie or Isaac to play with her, she attempts to make them play around her or through her or to not play at all.

Of course, it's not always bad behavior. I shouldn't even pretend like it is. It just is so hard to deal with the bad behavior that I find myself focusing on it. The kids do have plenty of time where they all play very nicely with each other. They play pretend police, teacher, marrying, garbage truck, doctor, old man, new baby, kitty etc etc etc. And when they get involved in a game of pretend it gets pretty involved and everyone has a place and a part to play.

We have seen an uptick in the physical, however. Elie and Isaac have been experimenting with pushing (blarg), kicking each other (double blarg) and other less than desireable behaviors. My favorite is this "well he/she did it to me first". This is not a reason for retaliation. Really.

Today Isaac kept throwing toys that were not throwing toys and then he broke one. I got upset and was lecturing him about it. I was getting ramped up and said to him "What do you need to do BEFORE you throw the toy?" and he looked at me and said "I need to think about what might happen before I act." I was speechless. He really has been listening. He doesn't actually *think* before he acts (or at least it doesn't seem that way) but he does know that he *should*.

Elie has finally settled into school (we were having some major issues with another girl in the class who decided that Elie was the one to pick on, but they seem to have been ironed out, it's a good thing that Elie has a masterful sense of how to ignore people) and is having a great time. She's being pulled to the reading specialist for advanced reading (yippee a challenge!) and is otherwise enjoying all the fun extra stuff they get to do in first grade that they didn't have time for in kindergarten. She loves spanish, PE, art, music and other fun "extras"!

Both she and Isaac started their "enrichment" (aka homework) programs today and it was fun to see them both sitting at the kitchen table working on schoolwork. How studious and enthusiastic they were. I'll have to keep a mental picture of that for later in the year, when doing homework is like pulling teeth.

I'm not sure what other random news is out there. Leila has stopped sleeping long stretches at night and is now back to waking at eleven and demanding to nurse for the rest of the night. If Adam can get to her, he can pat her back to sleep with very little trouble, but she will NOT accept me trying to pat her. And even when Adam does get her back to sleep, she awakens again within a couple of hours. I'm sure she'll sleep in her own bed and through the night before she gets into college.

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