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Friday, October 24, 2008


(Okay, this actually happened on Friday, but it's been crazy and I didn't make time to write this until Sunday, but I'm going to use the trickery of the internets and make my post date say Friday....I'm a cheater, I know it.)

Today Leila had two really cool firsts. They probably will seem anticlimactic when written down because they are only a few words, BUT they are firsts and deserve to be documented.

Adam was out of town and so we were having a conversation with him on the phone. First Talia talked to him and then Leila wanted to talk. Usually, she just listens, doesn't say much of anything, nods her head a few times and then says "bye". But this morning she said "hello" as soon as she put the phone up to her ear and then answered the questions that Adam asked her with some emphatic "yeahs"! At one point she felt some question needed more than a yeah, so she started some of her nonsense talking in a very sincere tone as though she were actually saying something that made sense to the rest of us. Then she told Adam "bye bye" and handed me the phone! It was her first real conversation on the phone!!!

Then she said her first two words strung together. She pointed to her ear and said "hello, daddy"! She had never strung two words together to make a sort-of-sentence before, so it was totally fun to have two firsts right about the same time.

She certainly is making strides in the talking department. She also started saying "challah" on Saturday. Language learning is so fun and so amazing. I'm not sure who is having more fun seeing her develop, me or the big kids!

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