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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two on Two Wheels!

Now for a momentus announcement: Isaac can ride his bike all.by.himself!!!!!!! Yes indeedy, dody, the boy child is a two wheeled manaic. He's been working on it for quite a while now and we'd been taking weekly trips where Adam would work with Isaac and I would push Talia and Leila in the stroller and Elie would ride her bike. But on Friday, we had to take a walk down to the mechanics to pick up Odz (the van) and Isaac rode his bike!!! (Elie rode hers too.)

He still needs a bit of help starting, but he is quickly figuring out the mechanics of that. But he can stop by himself and once he's started, he can go. The other thing he's still getting comfortable with is the idea that every action makes an equal and opposite reaction. When he starts to pedal hard, the force of the forward momentum catches him off guard and he starts to swerve wildly around. It is funny/frightening all at once; funny because it looks like he is completely out of control in a maniac way and frightening for exactly the same reason. While we were on our walk on Friday there was a jogger coming toward us. We yelled to Isaac to stay on the right side of the path, so he began to swerve to the right side. Then he started to loose control and swerved again, but this time to the left and nearly clipped the jogger who had, by this time, moved off the pathway to avoid being hit by Isaac! We still have *some* learning to do, but it is mostly fine tuning. At least we know he has the skill!

It was so much fun to see Elie and Isaac riding their bikes together. I have exremely fond memories of riding my bike around our neighborhoods with my sister. We had such good adventures! It gave us such a sense of freedom and speed, allowing us to explore and learn. Just seeing them ride together made me happy that they are starting on that path too.

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