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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Approaching The End of Diapers

A few weeks ago Leila started to want to have no diaper on. This is fine, of course, if she is going to do her business in the potty and not just on the floor. We started putting her on the potty and then letting her go without a diaper. I wasn't expecting anything miraculous. She is, after all, only 19 months old. But, to our surprise, when she would sit on the potty, she would almost always make something happen (even if it was only two dribbles). This indicated she clearly understood what was supposed to happen when she got on the potty! Yippee!

More and more naked time around the house ensued. We saw a definite uptick in accidents if she was wearing anything on her bottom, ie pants, a buttoned onesie, a sleeper. She was telling us when she needed to go potty and even learned to hold herself up while she was sitting on the potty.

And then we had guests in the house for Thanksgiving. I felt like it was a little less appropriate to have her naked bootie wandering around and so I pulled out the training undies, fully expecting a bunch of accidents. But it seems as though, she is moving quickly to understanding that pee and poop should happen in the potty! Huzzah!!! Just today she has alerted us everytime she needs to use the potty and made it in plenty of time to do her business.

It seems so sudden. I have to keep reminding myself that we possibly have months of accidents and back and forth about this, but then I think of missTalia who basically potty learned by herself, in less than a month. I'm pretty sure that, to avoid confusion, we are going to have to switch to undies all the time, even when we are out. Because in my experience, Elie is my data point on this one, that if switching back and forth is done, then it is easy for the kiddo to be confused and can really draw out the process. But for now, right now, today, missNoodle is downstairs in her requested undies and loving being a big-girl!

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