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Monday, November 3, 2008


Leila is still nowhere near to sleeping through the night. It has gotten a little tiresome. She is almost 19 months now and I'm ready for it. She was waking up and calling "mama, mama, mama" for me from her crib. Sometimes it took longer for me to wake up than others, but once I did, I'd go in, get her and bring her into bed with us. We all were sleeping fairly well and she was getting what she seemed to need.

Adam and I had a discussion about how best to encourage her to sleep through the night. I am totally fine with the idea of just patting her back to sleep when she wakes up but we have one really big problem. She will. not. go back to sleep if it is Mommy that comes in to pat her. When Adam goes in, she cries briefly and goes back to sleep. When Mommy goes in, she cries and cries and cries and cries and cries. It's not pretty.

I finally decided that she, clearly, still needs the nighttime nursing, but I'm tired of retrieving her from her crib in the middle of the night. So, on Friday I took apart her crib. The intent was that I would nurse her to sleep while laying with her on her mattress, then in the night when she woke up, she could just walk into our room and get us.

The first night, I barely slept until she came wandering in. I just kept imagining her wandering downstairs or getting lost in the house or hurting herself accidentally or countless other highly improbable scenarios where she ended up hurt/upset. The second night I dozed until she walked in and last night I actually slept until she showed up. Then I scooped her up, brought her into bed with us, nursed her, and we both went back to sleep.

I'm not really sure how this is going to help her sleep through the night, but it has already made a difference in what time she was first waking up. It does seem weird though, and maybe a little sad, to be done with the crib for the last time.

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  1. Oh, sister. I bet it is weird and sad. Someday it will be my turn and you can help me. Love you -Kiwi