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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Presence of Presents

Last night, the tooth-fairy put a note under Elie's pillow. It said that the cat was chasing her and prevented her from leaving a present and taking the tooth. Tonight she'll be back to make the trade. She also left the dollar coin because she was feeling guilty and ill prepared. (No wait, that's me....)

In this house, the tooth-fairy leaves presents and not (usually) money. When I was growing up our tooth fairy also left presents. It was a tradition that was different and personal and so it is one that this tooth-fairy has chosen to continue. It was something that always made the tooth-fairy exciting and interesting. We never knew what we'd find under our pillows. It is possible that our tooth-fairy didn't want to pay us for something that happened naturally. Or that our tooth-fairy liked to spoil us, just a bit. Or that our tooth-fairy felt like everyone did money and that she (they) wanted there to be a different focus on loosing teeth. I don't really know.

I do know that this tooth-fairy likes the present idea for all those reasons, and possibly more. I scrambled and saved the play this time. I found some little toys that I think Elie will love. And tonight, while she is dreaming her sweet dreams, Adam and I will gently reach under her pillow. We will slide out the envelope, that she decorated and wrote her note on, and leave her some surprises.

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